Invest in EU – immigration to Slovenia

Invest in EU - business immigration to Slovenia

Invest in EU, Slovenia: where to invest and how to obtain residence permit? Why is it a reasonable choice to make an invest in EU, Slovenia? It is wise to invest in EU – Slovenia because the economy is interested in foreign investment. Due to its strategic location in the heart of Europe. And with a very low crime rate, Slovenia offers a very safe and harmonious place to live.

Opening a company in Slovenia i.e. invest in EU, Slovenia will open doors to other major economic regions in Europe. And offers the possibility to participate in the EU market. Slovenian economy is very export-oriented. Slovenia offers a very high standard of living and a high level of investor protection.

There are many sectors for invest in EU, Slovenia:

  • automotive industry.
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • electrical engineering.
  • information technology and telecommunications.
  • metal processing.
  • logistics and distribution.

At the moment the tax on profit of legal entities is 19% in Slovenia, which is one of the lowest ones in Europe.

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Invest in EU – Slovenia: where to invest, how to obtain residence permit and how to combine this with the process of business immigration?

If you are thinking about the possibility of a business immigration to Slovenia, opening a LTD or branch is the first step on your way. After the company is registered. You can look into the option of obtaining the single work and residence permit for Slovenia. There are three conditions. Where the foreigner can obtain a work and residence and the company employing him has to fulfill one of them.

  • investment to fixed assets of the company in the amount of 50.000 EUR in the first six months after registration.
  • employing one person from Slovenia or the EU for a full work day for 6 months before submission of the application.
  • the company’s monthly turnover of 10,000 euro for 6 months.

If you are planning to invest in Slovenia and then start the process of obtaining the residence permit, the company DATA can offer you complete support and consultation on the types of business conduct in Slovenia, the actual process of company registration, obtaining work and residence permits. We also offer a business address (virtual office), accounting services, tax and accounting consultation, legal consultation from the fields of economic, labor and migration law as well as all other support connected to business conduct.

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