Import – export company and registration procedure

Import - export company and registration procedure

Import – export company and registration procedure

The import – export company is one of the most common activities people open in Slovenia. It is a very pleasing activity for businessmen. This applies for foreign and domestic businessmen. One of the reasons of starting a bussines in Slovenia is to provide services and products on the EU market. Registration is quite simple process. If you plan to import – export goods with a Slovenian company, read more about it in this article.

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Registration of an import – export company

The first step on your way of import – export bussines is to open a bussines . Foreign citizens usually open a d.o.o. (LTD). In case you already have a parent company, new company can also be a branch. Branch do not require starting capital. The branch is related to the parent company. Therefore it is dependent on it. As a result it must preform the same activity as a parent company.

For the registration of an LTD in Slovenia you need an strating capital. The amount of it is 7,500 €. It can be used for salaries, for expenses and other costs. Further you need a Slovenian tax number and bank account. You will also need a business address in Slovenia. After that, you can start to employ EU citizens. You can also employ foreigners. They must have a work and residence permit in Slovenia. In this sence, an import – export company can be a good business opportunity.

Why choose Slovenia?

Foreign businessmen are interested in Slovenia. Main reason is it has favorable tax rates in compareation to other EU member states. Slovenia also has a low income tax rate. That rate is 19%. Further, Slovenia is well organized country. It has a good standard of living. It also has a great location. On the southwest, we have the Adriatic sea. It is bordering on Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. In addition, its main coastal town Koper has an international port. Likewise, most residents speak good English. And above all, people are kind and open to other cultures.

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Import – export company and registration procedure with the help of Data

You can easily open an import – export bussines. Data is here to help you. We can guid you trough the procedure quickly and with no complications. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding opening a bussines in Slovenia. Our advisors can offer you full support and open an LTD in your name. Our accountants will help you with bookkeeping. We also offer tax and financial support. Most importantly, all in accordance with Slovenian standards. Data has more than 30 years of experience. We offer business advice on taxes, labor law and staff. In other words, a perfect partner for all your questions.

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