Basic steps to open a company in Slovenia

Basic steps to open a company in Slovenia

Basic steps to open a company are quick and easy at our DATA office!

Basic steps to open a company in Slovenia: Starting a business in Slovenia is an individual decision that requires careful planning and information gathering from the future entrepreneur. If you have a good business idea and are wondering what makes the most sense for you to register, then you need our business and tax advisors. Of course, you can also set up a company at our DATA company point!

If you are thinking of opening a company in Slovenia, you can call 00386 030 640 995 (Viber/WhatsApp)In this way you will also get all the answers. And you can also open a company in just few steps!

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Basic steps to open your own company

The main stages of starting a business are: good business idea; drawing up a business plan to check if the idea is ripe for the market; the choice of the legal form of the company with which the entrepreneur will do business in the market. However , you will need also a preparation of certain documentation so that you can begin with the process.

How to open a company in Slovenia?  What are the basic steps to open a company? To open a company a minimum initial capital in the amount of EUR 7,500 is required. It is paid by a natural person to the company’s business account. We also offer advice and support on opening a business account. Our experienced experts also prepare you for doing business in Slovenia.

You already have a great plan ? But you need help? Don’t wait! Regarding additional questions for basic steps to open a company in Slovenia , do not hesitate to contact our legal experts at and receive advice from our business consultants. You can also write us on 

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A good business idea is the key to starting a business

A good entrepreneurial idea is the product of your mindset, introspection, past knowledge, work experience, and the values ​​that define you. You also need to come up with it yourself, and not just copy it from the network by reading how much you can earn by doing a certain activity that you have no idea about. Your entrepreneurial idea should be something new, fresh, innovative. Interesting for potential buyers. It could be a product or a service. You don’t have to invent a new product that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world to be successful with an idea. It can be a different approach to something, a new use of a product that has been used in a traditional way for many years, an upgrade of an existing service, and so on. What are the basic steps to open a company? 

Opening a company in Slovenia, it also requires obtaining a Slovenian tax number also for owners and directors. We can obtain the entire procedure of obtaining a Slovenian tax number. For a natural or legal person on the basis of your authorization. Call us and get the answers.

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Basic steps to open a company – Business address 

When you are satisfied with it in the process of forming an entrepreneurial idea and feel that you have arrived at its final content and image, then you need to analyze it through a business plan.

The new company must have a business address in Slovenia. In order to register your company at an address, you also need the consent of the owner of the space, if the space is not owned by you. In case you don’t need a business office, you can opt for a virtual office service. We offer this service to you in Data.

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