Electronic vignettes-Slovenia introduces as early as December

Electronic vignettes-Slovenia introduces as early as December

Electronic vignettes – Slovenia introduces them soon

Electronic vignettes : Where is e – vignette mandatory ? Vignette for motorcycles and vehicles up to 3 . 5 t is mandatory in Slovenia . This refers to motorways and expressways. The e – vignette is a digital version of the vingnette. This version will replace the old in the form of a sticker . And will be bound to the vehicle registration number . From 1 December 2021 we will be able to buy  new forms . Also monthly e – vignettes will be in use from 1 February 2022. Vignettes are important for many transportation companies. So, enterpreneurs are you interested in getting electronic vignettes for your employees ? Do not hesitate to call us on +386 030 640 995  or write to data@data.si. Read more and learn in the paragraphs below.

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Electronic vignettes – now available

Electronic vignettes will replace classic vignette . The electronic vignette system for passenger cars will not be fully operational in December . With the beginning of December , e-vignettes will be introduced . But beware ! At that time, only annual vignettes for passenger cars will be available. Namely , semi-annual vignettes will be available for motor vehicles from 1 December. If you have an additional question do not hesistate to contact us . At DATA Company , we have specialized in providing services with comprehensive support . In this case, we offer 360-degree back office services, all in one place.

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Where can we buy them?

We will be able to buy electronic vignettes online and at outlets. Likewise , we can buy at service stations and from various dealers . To make a purchase , you will need a registration number of the vehicle. Hence , which you will purchase an electronic vignette . You can also make an online purchase. In this case,  you’ ll need to enter e – mail address .  Choose a cashless payment method . That is by means of a payment card.

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How long will their validity be?

The annual electronic vignettes will no longer be valid for 14 months . To date , it has been valid from 1. 12 the previous year to 31. 1 the following year . New electornic vignettes will be valid exactly one year.  From the date of purchase or the date determined by the buyer.  Thus , the annual electronic vignettes will be valid until 5 February 2023.

Electronic vignettes in nearby countries

E – vingnette is also familiar in some of our neighbouring countries . In Hungary, electronic vignettes are present since 2008 . They are known as the E-Matrix.  They can be purchased at some service stations in Slovenia. Austria introduced e-vignettes in 2018. Also retained the option of buying a classic vignettes well.  They have e-vignettes from this year in the Czech Republic.  From 2019  they are avalible in Bulgaria and in Romania since 2010.

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