Slovenian start-up companies are breaking records with investments

Slovenian start-up companies are breaking records with investments

Slovenian start-up companies last year received a total of €114 million investment, thereby doubling the result of 2014, explained at STA circle.

Slovenian start-up companies last year with more investment

The founders of the Slovenian startups from 2006 to 2015 collected almost 234 million Euros, half of which were given only in the year 2015. As they say at the STA agency, the largest share of investments in the last year (108.6 million euros) was invested by venture capital funds. 1.6 million Slovenian start-up companies gathered through various platforms with massive funding. To the total amount of investments also contributed accelerators investments in the amount of 806 thousand euros.

Slovenian start-up companies with investments acquired 983 thousand and 2.2 million were state investments. As explained by STA circle, the total number of transactions was 126, which is almost twice more than in the previous year. According to the STA round, the majority of investments (EUR 10.4 million) is coming from Slovenia, followed by America and China.

Slovenian startup companies with operational constraints.

To make the procedure of investing capital in Slovenia easier, the government should remove many operational obstacles are stating in the organization Nevertheless, they are satisfied with the fact that the country invests heavily in raising awareness of start-up companies.

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