Business setup in Slovenia/EU: step by step

Business setup in Slovenia EU step by step

Business setup in Slovenia – do you know the steps?

Business setup in Slovenia is the first step towards having your business in Europe. It is a simple process is you follow the steps. Those who would like to expand or start their business in Slovenia will find the data here. The LTD is the company type people most often choose with business setup in Slovenia. The most popular activities of are: construction, transport, IT business, renting real estate.

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Business setup in Slovenia – tax number for all owners and directors

The business setup in Slovenia is simple. The most important document you need to have is the Slovenian tax number. All owners and directors must obtain. Also, if you register a branch, the parent company must obtain a tax number in Slovenia. DATA helps you with this procedure and can get all the tax numbers for you, based on your authorization.

Business address

Business setup in Slovenia needs that you also have a business address. This means that you need an address for your company in Slovenia. Also, you need a statement from the owner of the business address to allow you to register your company there. The owner must notarize the statement with a notary or administrative unit.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

If you do not have this address, DATA can offer you a business address and the virtual office service. In that case, your company uses our address. We also prepare a statement from the owner of the business address.

Bank account

The business setup in Slovenia for LTD and the daughter company also needs the opening of a bank account for the company. You deposit the minimum share capital (7500€) to a bank account you open for your company. The owners of the company pay that capital. If the company has more than one owner, you can divide the amount between them. You can use the share capital after company setup for business expenses.

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When you deposit the share capital, we submit a request for the registration to the court. The court then decides on the registration in 3-5 business days from share capital deposit. Once the company is set up, you can go to the bank to change the temporary bank account to a permanent one. This completes the business setup in Slovenia.

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