Timeframe of company establishment in Slovenia, Europe

Timeframe of company establishment in Slovenia, Europe

The most frequently asked question we get from foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia, is how long it takes to establish a company in Slovenia. We will assess the timeframe for each step of company establishment in Slovenia.

Timeframe of company establishment in Slovenia – Slovenian tax number

When establishing a LTD company, all shareholders need a Slovenian tax number. You can obtain it personally at the Slovenian tax office. It is also possible that you authorize another person to obtain it for you based on power of attorney. The timeframe depends whether they issue the tax number immediately on site or if they send it to you by post. So, the assessed timeframe for obtaining the tax number is between 2 to 8 days.

Timeframe of company establishment in Slovenia – preparation of the act of establishment

Once you have the tax numbers, you have to choose a date to make the company registration. All shareholders and directors need to come to Slovenia personally to prepare the act of establishment. You can do company registration at any One-Stop Shop (VEM/SPOT point) in Slovenia – like the one we have in our office as well. The process of preparing the act of establishment with our business consultant usually takes about 1 hour. You will receive all necessary documents for company registration here.

Timeframe of company establishment in Slovenia – opening a bank account

In order to establish the LTD company, the shareholders have to deposit the founding capital in the amount of at least 7.500€. For that you would need to open a temporary bank account in Slovenia after receiving the documents for company establishment.

The timeframe for opening the temporary bank account depends on each chosen bank. Some banks require obtaining management consent prior to agreeing to open a temporary bank account. With them, it takes about 2-3 days to receive the consent and opening the bank account. Especially in smaller towns in Slovenia, banks tend to open the bank account on the same day. But it depends on each bank branch individually.

Timeframe of company establishment – depositing founding capital

Once you have opened the bank account, you have to deposit the founding capital 7.500€. If you deposit it in cash, the bank immediately issues a confirmation of deposit which is needed to proceed with company registration. If you transfer the money from your personal bank account from abroad, the transfer can take up to 5 days, depending on which country you transfer the money from. Only when the amount is on the bank account, the bank can issue a confirmation of deposit.

Timeframe of company establishment – receiving court decree about company registration

When you have submitted the founding capital and receive the confirmation of the deposit from the bank, the business consultant at the VEM/SPOT point can submit the company registration to court.

It takes the court 3-5 business days to issue a decree of company registration at which point your company is officially registered.

Timeframe of company establishment – opening permanent bank account

After receiving the court’s decree about company registration, the representative of the company has to go back to the bank to activate the permanent bank account. The activation is usually done on the same day but it requires the representative’s physical presence at the bank again.

Establish a company with the assistance of Data!

If you have decided to do business in Slovenia, Data can offer full support. We can help you to obtain the Slovenian tax numbers. You can also do the company registration at our One-Stop Shop (VEM/SPOT point) free of charge.

We offer services of accountancy as well as tax consultation to help you better understand how to run your business in Slovenia.

Our legal department can also help you understand the Slovenian legislation pertaining to your business activity. They can also prepare contracts if needed.

If you do not have a business address to register your company at, we can provide services of virtual office.

For more information about the timeframe of company establishment, you can write to us on our email data@data.si. You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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