Branch office in Slovenia – a ticket to EU market

branch office in Slovenia

Opening a branch office in Slovenia can be the right way to start your business in EU. Do you already own a company? Thinking of start working in EU? Great, because a branch office in Slovenia will give you opportunity to work all over the EU. On the other hand, if you don’t own a company yet, you can establish a new company in Slovenia.

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Branch office in Slovenia – how to register?

To register a branch office in Slovenia, EU, you don’t need any share capital. In addition, you don’t need a bank account, which makes things a lot more simple.  We will arrange the whole process for you. You will have to provide some documentation about a founding company, therefore you will have expenses with translations and notary services. Our legal experts will register your branch office in Slovenia at a notary office. Bear in mind, that a branch office is not an independent company. Your business activity in Slovenia has to be the same as the one of the mother company. In addition, if your business is transport, a branch office is not one of your options. In that case you can opt for a daughter or independent LTD company.

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Branch office and single work and residence permit

Your branch office in Slovenia can immediately employ EU citizens and foreigners with a valid Single work and residence permit. You want to employ yourself? If you want to employ foreigners who have status different than EU, you have to apply for Single work and residence permits. But, your branch office in Slovenia will have to meet one of following conditions:

  • an investment of minimum 50.000,00 euro in fixed assets of the company;
  • or employ a citizen of the EU for full-time for a period of at least six months;
  • or show transactions of at least 10.000,00 euro per month for six consecutive months on Slovenian bank account.

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Business address of a branch office

To open a branch office in Slovenia you will need a business address. What does that mean? That means that you must register your branch office on a specific official address. However, if you don’t have any, DATA can assist! Because you can register on our address. With our help it is very easy to open a branch in Slovenia!

Other advantages of a business address at DATA:

  • Daily contact with the legal service in case of legal cases,
  • Free parking for you and your partners,
  • Legal representation and communication with inspectors in the event of inspections in connection with your company’s business address.

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More information before deciding

Are you ready to start business in EU? Interested in registering a branch office in Slovenia? Or maybe new company? Do you first need a legal advice? We understand, you need more information. Just send us an inquiry to e-mail or call us on phone number +386 1 6001 530 or Viber: +386 30 640 995. Don’t hesitate! We also suggest that visit our Facebook.

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