Gifts in December – what are the business opportunities?

Gifts in December – what are the business opportunities?

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS), Slovenians spend the most money for gifts in December. It can also be a good business opportunity to find out, which items Slovenians buy as gifts the most and start a business in Slovenia by selling those items.

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Consumerism increases in December due to Christmas and New Year holidays

Christmas time is becoming less of a spiritual and increasingly consumer-oriented holiday. While it is still a personal holiday when we give gifts to our loved ones, it is also a time to give business gifts. It is especially frequent to give holiday gifts on business meetings when foreign or local partners are visiting.

What are the gifts that Slovenians tend to spend their money on?

Purchases of electronic and household appliances (by about 45%), cosmetics and medical devices (by about 20%) increase in December. Textile and clothing stores also record increases in the holiday time. In December 2018, Slovenian retailers recorded a 15.3% increase in sales than the monthly average for the calendar year.

How much Slovenian merchants have earned due to selling holiday gifts in December 2019 will be known when SURS publishes official data.

Who spends the most money on gifts?

The average Slovenian spends about 320 EUR on gifts. This is still about twice less as the English, who will spend an average of 670 EUR this year. The latter represents about 40% more than the average European. Still at the top of the “feverish spending” scale are residents of the most liberal economy – Americans. They will spend about 850 EUR for Christmas this year.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Slovenians (57.6%) spend on gifts up to 20 EUR per person they are gifting, the amounts may initially seem low. But even if we spend less than other Europeans, it does not mean that we are also exempt from shopping trends.

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