Payroll calculations – what are common mistakes?

Payroll calculations

Payroll calculations can be complicated. They can bring mistakes when paying salaries. This can cost the company quite a lot. Not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time. What are the most common mistakes when calculating wages in Slovenia? Let’s see. Keep reading to find out how to avoid them. We are here to help.

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Payroll calculations and incorrect wages

Above all, the most common mistake happens when calculating allowances. For example allowances for length of service or work conditions. Those are often included in the wage. However, this is not legal! Do not make this mistake. The The Minimum Wage Act (ZMinP) explicitly determines what allowances are not part of the minimum wage. For instance, allowances determined by laws, regulations, or collective agreements. Contrarily, let’s look at not paying the allowances at all. Which is also a mistake. This is regulated by the Employment Relationships Act (ZDR-1).

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Common mistakes with reimbursments

Another common mistake when calculating payroll can happen with reimbursments. We are talking about reimbursment of different expenses. For example meals, commute, etc. The Decree on the tax treatment of reimbursement of costs and other income from employment regulates those amounts. Are those payments part of the tax base? No they are not. But not always! There are more questions. What are the amounts? How much is it at least? Who determines the reimbursement? The collective agreement, for instance. But not in all cases. Sometimes a sublegal act or an internal employer’s regulation can determine the amount.

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Incorrect base or percentage for salary compensation

Payroll calculations can also be wrong when calculating salary compensation. This is in case of absence from work. It can be either sick leave or vacation. In this case, the employee only gets a percentage of the salary. What if an accountant or a bookkeeper makes a mistake here? For example the base is incorrect. The payroll calculations will also be incorrect. Get acconting advice from our experts. It is an easy way to avoid such mistakes.

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Other mistakes in payroll calculations

Other mistakes can happen. By all means. Let’s look at the examples:

  • incorrect calculations in gross wage;
  • incorrectly calculated salary;
  • not considering benefits;
  • deductions from the pay.

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