Decree of company establishment in Slovenia, EU

Decree of company establishment in Slovenia, EU

When the process of LTD registration is complete, you should receive a decree of company establishment from the court in Slovenia. This is the core document of the company. It states that the company is officially established and can actively start business in Slovenia.

Decree of company establishment in Slovenia, EU – what do you need to do to register the company?

Before you can receive the decree of company establishment, you need to start the process of LTD registration. A foreigner can register the LTD company if he/she presents the valid passports of all shareholders and representatives, a Slovenian tax number for all of them, a business address in Slovenia and 7500€ founding capital.

At our VEM point, we can prepare the act of establishment of the company, when the company owners and representatives present all of the abovementioned documents. The act of establishment will include all information on the company. It will include business activities, who will be shareholder and who director, where the business address will be etc.

With those documents you will then have to visit a bank in Slovenia where you would open the bank account and deposit the 7500€. Once you do so, the bank issues a certificate of deposit of founding capital. You bring this document back to the VEM point so that the consultant can submit all documentation of company registration to court.

If everything was in order, you would receive the decree of company establishment to the business address which you named in the process of company registration. After receiving it, you can proceed to do your business in Europe.

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Content of the decree of company establishment in Slovenia, EU

The district court in the town where the company has its business seat, evaluates the company registration documentation. If there are not problems with it, they issue a decree of company registration.

This decree includes the designated registration number of the company. AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Record and Services) allocates the number to the company. It also inserts the company to the Slovenian business registry.

The decree also includes the designated tax number of the company. The Slovenian tax office allocates this number to the company and inserts the company in Slovenia’s tax registry.

In addition to this information, the decree also includes the date of establishment, company name, short company name, seat of the company, business address, legal form (LTD or d.o.o. in Slovene language), founding capital, shareholder(s), business share(s), and representative(s) of the company.

Also, the decree includes the legal explanation that you can file a complaint about this decree within 8 days of receiving it. You can file the complaint with the district court that issued the decree.

Receiving the decree of company establishment in Slovenia, EU

The registering court sends the decree of company establishment to the address which the entrepreneur listed. Many entrepreneurs have also informed us that they did not receive the decree in physical form to the listed address in due time (for examples in about one week). This is why we have inquired with the district court what an entrepreneur has to do in this case. They have explained to us that it is sufficient to print out the electronic version of the court’s decree or from the AJPES’ website. The electronic version is the same as the original. It is sufficient proof to use when activating the permanent bank account at the bank.

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