Registering a company in Slovenia, EU – steps and instructions

Registering a company in Slovenia, EU

Registering a company in Slovenia, EU is much easier that you may think. Every foreigner can register LTD company in Slovenia within a few days.

In this article we will explain the steps and give you instructions on registering a company in Slovenia, European Union.

Registering a company in Slovenia, EU – required documentation to open LTD company

Before registering a company in Slovenia, you should obtain required documents. These documents are:

  • Slovenian tax numbers for all the representatives and owners of the future company.
  • Valid passports of all the representatives and owners of the future company.
  • statement of the owner of the object where the company will be registered (its seat has to be in Slovenia).

We can obtain Slovenian tax numbers for you in advance if you will not have time to arrive to Slovenia a few days earlier to do that. Based on the power of attorney, we can get it at Financial administration Office.

Our company Data as well offers business address and virtual office. So if you do not have another address in Slovenia, you can use ours and we will also give you the statement of the owner that you need.

To open an LTD company in Slovenia, you will also need to deposit starting capital in the amount of 7.500 € minimum. Our advisors can help you to choose a bank in Slovenia and arrange a meeting with them to open bank account and deposit capital.

Registering a company in Slovenia, EU – coosing company name and business activities

Before registering a company you also should choose the name of your future company and define business activities.

The name of your company should not be already used in the register of companies in Slovenia. We can check for you in advance if the name that you choose is still available.

It is also recommendable to think about business activities in advance. In Slovenia you can register several different activities in one company. Some of the activities are regulated, which means that you will have to obtain license to be able to perform them. If you are not sure if the activities that you want to carry out are regulated or not, you can always turn to our legal department.

Registering a company in Slovenia, EU within a few days!

After obtaining required documents, choosing company name and business activities you can arrive to Slovenia to register your company. All future representatives and owners have to come to Slovenia. At our VEM point (One-Stop Shop) in Ljubljana you can prepare the Act of establishment within one hour! Our VEM referent will help you and guide you through the procedure.

The next step is to go to the bank, open temporary bank account and deposit the capital. At the bank you will receive the confirmation about it and you have to bring it back to our VEM point.

Our VEM referent will submit all the documentations and in a few days, your company will be officially registered.

Registering a company in Slovenia and obtaining work and residence permit

Before registering a company you can also start thinking about obtaining work and residence permit. Your company will have to meet certain conditions for you to be able to get it.

To choose the right way and understand the conditions, our experts will help you. We can run the procedure of obtaining permit for you. This is especially recommendable if you are not familiar with Slovenian legislation and language.

Registering a company in Slovenia – contact us!

Company Data will be happy to guide you in every step of the process of registering a company!

We can assist to obtain the necessary documents for company establishment. You can also register the company at our One-Stop Shop (VEM/SPOT point) free of charge.

Our accountants can also take care of your company’s bookkeeping in accordance to Slovenian accountancy standards.

Should you need a business address, we also offer services of virtual office to clients of our accountancy.

If you have additional questions about the process of company registration, you can write to us on our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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