Business unit or branch office in Slovenia/EU: comparison

Business unit or branch office in Slovenia EU comparison

Business unit or branch office in Slovenia/EU

Business unit or branch office in Slovenia is a great way to expand your business to Europe. In Slovenia, a business unit is entered in a register in AJPES. On the other hand, the court decides on the registration of the branch office. In this article, we present the differences between a business unit and a branch in Slovenia. We will also explain how to open a branch in Slovenia and what you need to register it.

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A business unit in Slovenia/EU

A business unit is part of a company. It performs the same or also another activity from the parent company at the same or on a different address. A business unit cannot perform tasks alone.

A domestic or foreign legal entity can open a branch office. There is no share capital. It is not a legal entity but can do all the tasks that the parent company also does. A domestic legal entity can register a branch at the SPOT point. But a foreign legal entity must register a branch with a notary.

Foreign companies most often perform for-profit business in Slovenia with the branch. The branch acts in the name and on behalf of a foreign company.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Busines unit or branch office: the official status for a business unit

The business unit in the Republic of Slovenia does not have an official status, name and director. Regardless of that, the business unit needs to be entered in the AJPES business register. If you decide to grant a status to a business unit, you must open a branch. This means that you apply to the court the entry of the branch.

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How do you open a branch office?

In order to register a branch office, you will need these documents:

  • a decision of the parent company on the opening of a branch in Slovenia,
  • extract from the register of the parent company,
  • a founding act of the parent company,
  • financial report for the last business year in short form.

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