Rejection of application for A1 certificate – how to react?

Rejection of application for A1 certificate

The procedure for obtaining A1 certificate has slightly changed this year, and the conditions for its issuance are more difficult. Employers need to react properly also if they get a rejection.

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The employer who sends the worker to work in another EU country or Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway must obtain a A1 certificate for the worker. You can obtain it from the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS). A worker in another country proves that he is has social insurance in Slovenia. When revising the conditions for obtaining a certificate A1, the ZZZS cooperates with the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (Furs).

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How to react if you get rejection for A1 Certificate?

Recently, the ZZZS has detected an increase in the number of requests for outstanding obligations in the procedure of obtaining A1 certificate.

After the initial rejection due to tax debt or non-submited REK-1 forms, clients attach attachments about settled obligations in PDF format.

The correct procedure is that, in the event that the application was rejected due to the non-submited REK-1 forms or tax debt, the client at Furs receives a certificate correspondence C140 – Certificate for issuing the A1 certificate. When Furs confirms the issue of this certificate, the restriction to obtain A1 certificates is deleted from computer records.

After solving the problem, the employer can again submit an application to the ZZZS via the eVEM system. If data on the eVEM system has not been updated on the day the re-submission of the application, then the employer will ask for a certificate at Furs. Furs automatically sends the certificate to the ZZZS system for the issue of A1 certificate.

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Verification of validity of A1 certificate

From March 20 you can find an QR code on the certificates. With it, you can easily check whether A1 certificate is valid. On a mobile device, you capture a code that directs you to the ZZZS website and automatically shows you the certificate information.

If there is no QR code, you can verify the validity by entering the required information on the ZZZS website. Enter the certificate number (at the top of the first page of the certificate) and the personal identification number (in field 1.1), and then click the Check button. If there is a certificate with the listed numbers, you will see the typical certificate data. Make sure they match those listed on your certificate. If the data does not match, the certificate is invalid.

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