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Value added tax - a guide for VAT in Slovenia

Value added tax – a guide for VAT in Slovenia

Value added tax, or VAT in short, is basically a consumption tax. It also means that it is paid at each stage or for each individual movement of the same kind of goods or services. VAT is also a sales tax – so it is calculated when the transaction is made. Entrepreneurs who start their business in Europe tend [...]

Rejection of application for A1 certificate

Rejection of application for A1 certificate – how to react?

The procedure for obtaining A1 certificate has slightly changed this year, and the conditions for its issuance are more difficult. Employers need to react properly also if they get a rejection. >> At Data the company registration is easy and free of charge! If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us! The employer who sends the worker to [...]

Register LTD business in Slovenia, Europe

Register LTD in European country in 2018

Register LTD in Slovenia To register LTD in Slovenia, small European country, is a great idea! Why to choose Slovenia? Although it is a small country, it offers a lot. Also a stable environment for foreigner entrepreneurs! If you do not know Slovenia, read more about it here: Slovenia – country of great business opportunities! How to register LTD in Slovenia? You can [...]