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Conditions for web design company in Slovenia

Start web design company in Slovenia, in EU

Start web design company in Slovenia and expand your business to EU! Non-EU citizens very often decide to start web design company in Slovenia, because it’s one of the most wanted jobs in Slovenia and in the world.  The demand for web design and web pages is growing every day. That is why the company in Slovenia could be [...]

Register LTD business in Slovenia, Europe

Register LTD in European country in 2018

Register LTD in Slovenia To register LTD in Slovenia, small European country, is a great idea! Why to choose Slovenia? Although it is a small country, it offers a lot. Also a stable environment for foreigner entrepreneurs! If you do not know Slovenia, read more about it here: Slovenia – country of great business opportunities! How to register LTD in Slovenia? You can [...]

How to expand business to Slovenia?

How to expand business to Slovenia, Europe?

If you have an existing business in your country – you can expand business to Slovenia at any time. All you have to do is to register – either a branch office in Slovenia or a legal entity form LTD company, which is established by another legal entity from abroad. Way to expand business to Slovenia – opening LTD company Choosing [...]