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One company, all entrepreneurial services

At DATA, we breathe with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Therefore, we provide all the services needed by companies and their owners in order to operate successfully. We followed the philosophy of “everything in one place” and created a complete support environment for entrepreneurs. We will stand by your company in good times and bad times, from your first day to your first success. We are committed to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and their companies, and for that reason we strive to find positive solutions for you every day. Complete support in one place is especially important when you decide to expand your business in an environment where you do not know the laws, the language, the business practices and customs. Apart from helping you register your company, preparing all the necessary documentation for its smooth business operations and helping its representatives in Slovenia, we also stand by your side during your adaptation to business and life here.

We modify all obstacles on your path into steps to success. We are here to ensure that you can focus on your business without worrying, so you can work and create in peace. We gathered accounting services, legal department, marketing services, web design, department dealing with tenders, and education centre – all in one place. We follow legislative changes in Slovenia, as well as all changes in standards, and inform you about these in time.

We have been growing for 25 years with you and for you and we aim to offer you complete support in the future as well. When you need a partner for all solutions in business migration, come to the DATA Company.

Anita Ličen Žagar, MSc BA in Economics

Directors’ Assistant

Anita Ličen Žagar performs the most demanding management tasks as Directors’ Assistant in the DATA Company. She acquired extensive experience in leadership, organization and company management in companies of all sizes – from small one-man companies to multinationals – both at home and abroad. Her strength is that she makes a challenge out of each business problem and finds a solution for it. She shares her rich business experience with DATA employees, customers in need of business advice, and participants of her seminars. She holds Masters Degree in Business Science and has acquired expertise at home, in the United States of America and Great Britain. She communicates fluently in English and Italian.

Dario Berginc, MSc BA in Communication Science

Head of R & D and Project Department

Dario Berginc is a business consultant who has produced more than one hundred business plans and tender applications for entrepreneurs. He shares his acquired knowledge and experience with participants
at seminars and workshops, thus successfully combining theory and practice. He is distinguished by strong research and analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of various business areas. He is the author and co-author of numerous scientific and professional articles in the field of entrepreneurship. Dario Berginc holds a Masters Degree from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, and within the framework of his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Ljubljana University he is studying the strategic orientation of managers, their view of the future, decision-making and their views on company performance. He will help entrepreneurs in English, Croatian, Serbian
and Bosnian language.

Jure Filip

Accounting, Tax and Financial Advisor

Jure Filip is an accounting, tax and financial advisor at the DATA Company. He takes care of the most difficult questions of entrepreneurs in the aforementioned fields on a daily basis. He gives answers in a friendly and understandable way to a range of issues in accounting and taxes for entrepreneurs and you can also meet him at seminars in the field of accounting, finance and tax. So far, he has held more than 250 seminars and has met with a variety of corporate conundrums. He is currently completing his studies at the High School of Accounting and is in the final stages of obtaining the certificate for certified management accountant. He will advise you in English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

Rok Gros, BA in Economics

Business Consultant

Rok Gros opened the door to entrepreneurship for more than 900 entrepreneurs, who have registered their company or company activity with him. As a business consultant he accompanies future entrepreneurs during their first steps in company registration or activity registration and helps them with care and patience through all bureaucratic procedures. With advice on company registration in Slovenia he assists foreigners as well as Slovenian citizens, and also writes expert articles and lectures on establishing businesses and activity registration. He graduated from the University of Ljubljana. He is keen to help you in English, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian language.

Regina Fakhrutdinova

Business Migration Consultant

Regina Fakhrutdinova advises foreign entrepreneurs on company registration procedures and prepares all documents for them for their work and stay in Slovenia. She is personally devoted to each client; she listens and always finds answers to all questions that foreign entrepreneurs who are expanding their business operations in Slovenia might have. She is continuously monitoring changes in legislation and expanding her knowledge in the fields of business and migration law, since this is the only way to solve all dilemmas of foreign entrepreneurs. In recent years, she has acquainted herself with the characteristics of life, work and culture in different European countries, while developing communication
skills by organizing various events in a number of countries through her voluntary work and participation at international conferences. She speaks Russian and English.

Darja Golob Koritnik, LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)

Head of legal and entrepreneurial departments

Darja Golob Koritnik holds a degree in law. She leads the legal and entrepreneurial departments in the DATA Company and advises entrepreneurs on how to regulate legal relations with business partners and employees. She prepares contracts and policies, and composes damages and other claims. She is also an expert on business migration of foreigners to Slovenia and is authorized to perform all the procedures at the VEM point. She has more than a decade of experience in economy in the field of labour, civil and commercial law. During the two-year traineeship at the Higher Court in Ljubljana she dealt with various court hearings, was on duty in the Legal Aid and wrote verdicts. She graduated with the highest grade »cum laude« at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. She will communicate with you in English, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Italian.

Ana Marija Pavlovič, LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)

Legal Advisor

Ana Marija Pavlović advises entrepreneurs in the fields of economic, executive and labour law and other areas of civil law. She also deals with contractual relations, and due to many years of experience in the economy sector she understands the questions and the dilemmas of entrepreneurs. After finishing her studies, she worked as a lawyer in various Slovenian companies, where she mainly focused on the executive, contractual, economic and insolvency law. Her rich experience is now being successfully used in her work as a legal advisor in the DATA Company, and apart from the Slovenian language she can also help you in English, Croatian and Serbian. She obtained the title Bachelor of Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor, where she also passed the professional exam in the general administrative procedure. She concluded her judicial internship at the Higher Court in Ljubljana.

Aleksandra Đurđević, BA in International Relations

Foreign Client Manager

Aleksandra Đurđević is employed in the entrepreneurial DATA department and helps entrepreneurs who come to Slovenia from abroad. She is specialized in migration policies and business migration to Slovenia. She is an expert in international relations who believes that experiencing and accepting new cultures and foreign environment is essential for the complete progress in the life of every individual. She studied at home and abroad
and acquired in-depth knowledge and understanding of internal policies and international relations. She communicates fluently in English, Russian and Serbian language, as well as basic German.

Bogdana Rejc, BA in Sociology

Business Consultant

Bogdana Rejc has been a corporate adviser for many years, helping many aspiring existing or future entrepreneurs through registration procedures, company data changes, procedures for the already established companies, and a number of other necessary tasks. She acquaints future entrepreneurs with the procedures of company registration through a series of lectures and workshops throughout Slovenia and educates them on how to start developing entrepreneurial ideas. By constantly upgrading her own knowledge she maintains contact with business trends and follows all changes in bureaucratic procedures and the law. She holds a BA degree in Sociology and looks forward to each meeting with future entrepreneurs in order to solve their dilemmas. She will help you in English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.