Employment of foreigners in a Slovenian company

Employment of foreigners in a Slovenian company

Employment of foreigners in a Slovenian company – are there any exceptions when hiring?

Employment of foreigners in a Slovenian company is a common solution for Slovenian companies. Especially for those activities where there is a need of staff. Do you know the conditions under which you can hire foreigners in your Slovenian company? Are there any exceptions when hiring foreigners? Read information which are important for doing business in Slovenia. Data has been offering support to foreign citizens with their business in Europe

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Employment of foreigners – how is the employment of citizens from other EU countries?

Employment of foreigners in your company is possible . Thus, who is a foreigner ? This term includes the definition of third country nationals. Which countries are included? Countries that are not members of the European Union, the EEA or the Swiss Confederation. If you want to hire a citizen of the EU you can do so on the same terms as a citizen of Slovenia. You do not need to obtain a prior work permit or employment service consent for their employment. Sounds perfect , right? Then use don’t miss this chance.

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Employment of foreigners from third countries in a Slovenian company

Employment of foreigners from third countries in a Slovenian company is an often question. A more common question of entrepreneurs is what the employment of foreigners from third countries looks like. Whether you have a limited liability company or you are registered as a sole proprietor, you can hire foreigners in your company. You will need to obtain a work permit or employment permit from the Slovenian Employment Service.

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Employment of a foreigner in a Slovenian company with higher education

The procedure for hiring a foreigner with a higher education takes few steps. What are the steps? Before a foreigner can apply for a work and residence permit, the employer must go through a labor market control procedure. The company’s legal representative must also have a status in Slovenia. In practice, this means that he is a Slovenian or EU citizen. Or has a permanent residence permit in Slovenia. However, he may also prove this by obtaining a personal work permit. Or if, as a foreign representative in that company, he has already obtained a work and residence permit. 

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Are there differences in the procedures for obtaining work and residence permits?

In the case of employment of foreigners from most third countries, a foreigner applies for a single work and residence permit in Slovenia. But what are the exceptions? The only exception is the employment of a foreigner from Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely, Slovenia has an agreement with these two countries. Which provides for two separate procedures for getting a work permit and a residence permit. Namely, the employer first gives an application for a work permit. This usually issues the employment service for 3 years. The employee then applies for a residence permit.
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