Business investment for possibility of immigration to Slovenia

Business investment for possibility of immigration to Slovenia

If you have thought about opening a new company in Europe, you can do so in Slovenia. In order to also relocate here to oversee your business, you can do business investment in the company. With this you gain the right to apply for work and residence permit for you and other non-EU staff.

Business investment for possibility of immigration to Slovenia, EU

Many foreign entrepreneurs decide to open or transfer their business in Europe as it is a very profitable market for many business activities. Slovenia is one of the European countries which is still not as widely known as some of the bigger countries but it is gaining reputation due to good geographic position and economic stability.

It became very popular for foreign business investment in the past years – mostly investment in real estate and tourism became one of the focal points for foreigners doing business in Slovenia.

Business investment for possibility of immigration to Slovenia, EU – company registration

In order to be able to do business investment in Slovenia, you have to register your company first. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company, which is a private company limited by shares. The shareholders have to present 7.500€ founding capital when registering such a company.

In addition to deciding who will be the shareholder, you also have to appoint at least one representative of the company . Both shareholders and representatives need to obtain a Slovenian tax number before being able to register the company.

The company will also need a business address in Slovenia, which can be a commercial or residential building.

After gathering all documents, you have to visit Slovenia in order to sign the company registration documents and open the bank account.

Once the company is officially registered, you can decide what kind of business investment you will do which will enable you the possibility for business immigration.

Would you like to start a business in Slovenia, Europe?

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Business investment for possibility of immigration to Slovenia, EU – investment to fixed assets of the company

In order to be eligible for business immigration, you will have to make sure that you do the business investment in the scope of your company’s business activities. This means that you will have to buy something that will enable your company to do its core business activity. The minimal sum for business investment is 50.000€ in order to gain eligibility for the company to start employing foreigners.

What you buy depends on what your company plans on doing as its business activities. Most popular choices are business investment in real estate, company car or equipment for the company.

Other possibilities for business immigration to Slovenia through the company

Business investment in the amount of 50.000€ is not the only possibility for business immigration. One of the other two options is to employ an EU citizen for 6 months on a full work-day. The other one is showing company turnover 10.000€/month for 6 consecutive months. In both of these cases it takes 6 months just to fulfill the condition. Hence, business investment is still the fastest option to ensure business immigration.

Establish a company in Slovenia with the support of company Data!

If you have decided to pursue business investment through company establishment in Slovenia, consultants at company Data will be happy to help you in the process.

We can obtain the Slovenian tax number on your behalf. You can also make company registration documents at our VEM point free of charge.

Our legal department can help you to understand purchasing what assets will count as business investment for immigration through the company. They can also draft internal regulations and contracts for your company.

Data also offers accounting services and tax consultation.

If you company is need of a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

For more information on business investment for possibility of immigration to Slovenia, EU, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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