Granting financial stimulation for initial investments of foreign investors

Granting financial stimulation for initial investments of foreign investors

The deadline of the call for tender for granting financial stimulation for initial investments of foreign investors (for first-time capital entries) ends in March of next year. It is eligible for all foreign investors, who are legal entities and have a business seat outside of Slovenia and natural persons, who have residence outside of Slovenia, and would perform the initial investment on the Slovenian territory.

The purpose of granting financial stimulation for initial investements of foreign investors

The purpose of this call for tender is attracting foreign investors to first-time capital entries on the territory of Slovenia, where their investment projects would:

  • ensure new job vacancies or employment, specifically in the sectors with higher added value,
  • contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technologies, and to the participation of scientific-research companies and institutions on the territory of Slovenia with foreign investors,
  • contribute to a more coherent regional development,
  • contribute to increasing the synergy effects of integrating foreign investors with Slovenian companies, especially in the field of supplying to foreign investors and exchange of knowledge and technologies.

The goal of the call for tender is to support at least 7 first-time capital entries of foreign investors to the Republic of Slovenia and open at least 310 new job vacancies.

The amount of the tendered funds up to about 4.5 million EUR (more precisely 4.64 million EUR) in the year 2017. The call for tender is open until 27th March 2017 or until the budgetary resources are spent.

A first-time capital entry of a foreign investor is considered to be opening a company in the Republic Slovenia or a first-time equity capital that is invested in the company, registered in Slovenia, with the intent of permanent ownership participation in the company, cooperation in the process of company management and control. The first-time capital entry has to be made no more than 18 months (548 days) before submitting the application and the company should not start with the initial investment. Net revenue from sales of the newly established company must not exceed 50.000 EUR in that period.

An initial investment is considered to be an investment in fixed tangible or intangible assets when establishing a new company or an investment in fixed tangible or intangible assets of an existing company, if this investment contributes to the diversification of products of the existing company with new added products or brings essential change to the production process of the acquired company in Slovenia in the manufacturing sector and service sector, if its services are internationally marketed, or in the research and development sector.

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