Open a company in Slovenia and make contribution to economy

Open a company in Slovenia and make contribution to economy

Statistics show that year 2015 is the right time to open a company in Slovenia – trends show that most convenient form of company in Slovenia is private limited company(LTD) or sole proprietor (s.p.).

What do statistics show?

Statistics show that sales of various products (except from food) in October 2015, have reached the highest level for last free years, while the incomes in trade comparing to first ten months of previous year, have grown for half percent. In comparison with with October 2014, this years statistics show that income from sales of non-food products have grown for 6,2 %. The same applies for the sales of vehicles – car dealers report the revenue which has grown for 9,6 %. Last but not least, it is important to mention that real revenues from sales have grown as well, which thanks to grown number of registered companies in Slovenia very good sign for the economy of Slovenia.

What does tourism has to do with grown number of opened companies in Slovenia?

The reason for open a company in Slovenia is also higher demand for goods and services on the market. Slovenia is proud to announce that each year, the number of tourists is growing in the country. Apart from obviously full streets, hotels registered business report that in 2015 there was three times more tourists in Slovenia than year before. The most places among foreign tourists are health resorts, since there went 35 percent of all who visited Slovenia. Ljubljana – the capital city is proud to announce 15 percent rate of tourist visits, which is 12 percent more than in October 2014.

Open a company in Slovenia – demand and investments are growing

Year 2015 was the highest consumer year for Slovenia, as we spend 1,2 % more than in the same period last year. Households spend on everyday goods 8,1 %, while trends show that people spend more and more on non-everyday services such as catering, beauty or leisure time. Latter is obviously telling us that it is worth to invest and open a company that would be part of such activities. Speaking of already existing companies in Slovenia – businessman were investing most of their money into machinery and equipment (5,5 %) and transport (in comparison to last year for 12,8 % more).

Positive impact of company registration for gross domestic product

All above stated information confirm that the gross domestic product has grown in third quarter of current 2015 year, more precisely for 2,5 % in comparison to last year’s statistics. Company registration in Slovenia is constantly growing, which confirmed also this year number of registered business in Slovenia. Speaking of Ljubljana region, there was 1.266 new registered companies. Data Company is proud to take a part in large amount of new registrations of business in Slovenia, since we hold license for company registration for already 10 years i.e. from the very beginning of VEM point establishment.

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