Registration process of LTD in Slovenia – the fastest way

Registration process of LTD in Slovenia - the fastest way

Registration process and waiting time

You want to open an LTD (limited liability company), but you don’t know anything about the registration process? Don’t worry. This article will help you. LTD is the most famous type of company registered in Slovenia. The process is also simple. However, there are two things that need consideration. Firstly, the time it takes to register the LTD and the time while we prepare the documents. Secondly, the time between the company is registered and it is put in the commercial register. Another factor here is the transfer of the bank accounts. We will explore that below. Are you a owner and want to open a company in Slovenia? Send us a mail at and get all the information! Or just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

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Waiting time to open LTD – registration process at the DATA Point

The registration process to open LTD is 30 minutes. Of course, that depends mainly on the founders. Does this interest you? Do you want to open an LTD in Slovenia? Our DATA advisors will be glad to help you. We can prepare the documents for the registration process. Don’t hesitate!

What documents do you need for the registration process? In essence, the registration process includes:

  • preparation of the deed of incorporation of the LTD (or the articles of association if more partners form the company),
  • resolution that appoints a representative,
  • resolution for business address,
  • representative’s declaration and
  • preparation of the tax information for the Tax Administration

All the documentation is signed and the founders receive from the referent the documentation to open a temporary bank account. With this the registration process at DATA is done. Does this help you? Have any questions? Do you want to open a company? But you don’t know what type? Contact DATA!

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Registration procedure before entering the register of companies

We have completed the process at DATA, but there are still some more steps. Now follows the registration procedure after DATA. How does the registration procedure look like? It is very simple. First, the founders must send the capital payment receipt to the DATA referent in 14 days. The receipt is issued by the bank where the founder opens a temporary account. First thing to remember, the minimum founding capital is 7 500,00 EUR. Then, the referent gets the receipt, prepares the documentation, and sends it to the Court of Registration. It is as easy as it sounds! But we are not done yet!

Moreover, a judge at the court reviews the application. If everything is in order, the judge issues a decision that allows it to enter the register of companies. The founders then receive the decision at the address they provided in the registration process. Then, the bank is ready to change the temporary account to a business account. As a result, the company can start doing business short after. In truth, the business conditions are very friendly in Slovenia. If you want to know more about it, check our latest article.

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Registration procedure – problems and delay

As we said, the registration procedure is very fast and simple. If we follow the rules, we can complete the steps of registration very easy! However, there are some reasons that can slow the procedure. The Court of Registration can pause the application. Most often, it is because of an inappropriate name that the founders propose and insist on it, even if the referent warns them to choose a different name. For example, it can be too similar to a company that is already registered. In this situation, the founders need to give a new company name and the referent prepares new documentation. Also, delay is possible if the founders fail to send the capital payment receipt on time. In another case, the delay extends if the court finds that there are restrictions on the registration of the shareholder. More about that can be found in the Article 10a ZGD-1.

Why choose DATA?

Do you have a business idea? Don’t want to wait? Do you want to realize it without problems and delays? DATA can help you do that! We have 30 years work experience with company registration process. Our business and legal consultants can guide you through the entire registration process. You can stay with DATA even after you register your company! Our accountants can offer you great tax services! In other case, feel free to visit our Facebook profile and follow our work. We update you with everything you need to know about company registration in Slovenia and more!

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