Registration procedure of a company in Slovenia – First steps

register a company in Slovenia - first steps

Registration procedure of a business – First things first

Most potential entrepreneurs firstly ask about the registration procedure of a business. Certainly, they have a lot of questions. Actually, questions never stop to appear because business activities depend on conditions and factors that often change. Do you want to open a company, but don’t know where? The answer is DATA! Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) to make an appointment to start your registration procedure! Don’t wait! Call today and start your business today!

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How do I start the registration procedure and what do I need to know?

If you too wonder how to start a business, here is the answer. Although the registration procedure is quite simple, potential entrepreneurs need to have some knowledge to make the start as easy as possible. Before the start of the registration procedure of your business, you need to know the answers to at least a few basic questions. Will I open a sole proprietorship (s.p.) or a limited company (Ltd)? What will be the name of the company? What will be the business address, but also what business activities will it carry out? Are there any conditions for my business? Will I need an accountant? Do I need to be registered in the VAT system? Don’t worry! Our business advisors can advise you on all of this and guide you through the whole process!

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Starting the registration procedure – advices and conditions

You wonder how to open a company or set up a Ltd? Firstly, we recommend you to attend a free group consultation before you register your company. There you will get all the information you need on how to set up a company. This includes what the legal conditions are to set up a limited company. In principle, the following conditions apply in order to do it at the DATA point:

  • The potential shareholder(s) and the potential representative(s) must be present in person during the registration procedure;
  • They need a valid identity document for the procedure;
  • The founding capital of the Ltd. must be paid up in cash and in the minimum amount of €7 500.

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How do I open a business if I want to register an s.p.?

We have listed the conditions for the registration procedure of a Ltd company. Given that, we would now like to explore the s.p. Even here, there are a lot of questions potential entrepreneurs do not know the answer to. So, to continue the exploration, the registration procedure of an s.p. requires:

  • an identity document,
  • a tax number and
  • certified consent of the (co-)owner of the object where your business address will be located.

You will need this if you are not the (co-)owner of the object. During the registration procedure for setting up a s.p., the following forms are prepared for the prospective entrepreneur:

  • Application for registration as a sole trader – Ajpes form;
  • Submission of tax data for a sole trader – FURS form;
  • Registration for compulsory social insurance – M1 form.

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Why choose DATA?

These are the basic conditions for starting the registration procedure of a business in Slovenia. Do you have an idea? Want to realize it, but have dilemmas? Just contact us! DATA has more than 30 years of experience helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Given these points, our business, legal, and tax advisors would be happy to help you! In either case, Slovenia offers a lot of business opportunities and has a very business friendly climate. Also, you can follow our Facebook profile to make sure you stay updated with all the news and changes about the registration procedure!

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