Growing with DATA and business opportunities in Slovenia

Growing with DATA and business opportunities in Slovenia

Are you interested in growing with DATA? Do you know the business opportunities Slovenia offers? Slovenia positions high on the global market. For that reason, more and more people invest in Slovenia. They also register their home companies here. Are you a owner? Maybe you are part of a bigger partnership? Or maybe you want to become one? Do you know anything about business opportunities in Slovenia? Do you want to start a business here? Then, you are on the right place! This article gives all the necessary information. Firstly, it helps you learn how to register your company. Secondly, it shows you the conditions. Thirdly, it gives you proof why DATA is your best partner. Does this sound convincing? Then stay with us! Do you want to know about something else? Please call us on 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)Our team will help you right away.

To begin, Slovenia is based on free market economy. What does that mean? It’s economy orients in export. Second, there are 1200 companies that are fast growing. Does this interest you? In essence, you can open your business in Slovenia in two ways. You can do that as a sole proprietor (s.p.) or as a self-employed worker. Do you know anything about these? Are you willing to learn more because you want to register a company? We will be glad to help you. Contact DATA!

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Business opportunities and partners

Do you still hesitate? As we have said, Slovenia is a significantly developed country of business opportunities and offers a lot of advantages. In order to know that, we have to look the broader picture! Slovenia is a member of many international institutions. They are Council of Europe, NATO, World Trade Organization. Slovenia is also part of European and Monetary Union since 2004 and 2007. All things considered, Slovenia has a lot of reliable partners. It is on the free market and that gives many opportunities for new and growing businesses. Does this help you? Do you want to know more? Just call us on 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

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Slovenia – a developed economy

To repeat, Slovenia is a small country with growing economy. However, It is one of the best relative to population. As a result, the GDP per capita is €23,165. As we have said, most companies rely on export. And guess what! There are more and more companies that sell online. In comparison, Slovenia uses the internet more than the EU average. As a result, Slovenia counts as one of the digital leaders in Europe, too. Do you want to know more about business in Slovenia? Contact DATA! We will be glad to answer your questions.

Slovenia and active working population

Meanwhile, the wages in Slovenia are growing. To stress, the minimum wage is EUR 1,074,43 gross. In that case, the working population is almost 1 million. And not only that, the unemployment rate is especially low. All in all, the unemployment rate is now around 5%. Do you want to know more about the labor market in Slovenia? Do you want to register your company with us? We will be happy to help. Don’t wait! Call us on 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp).

Business opportunities and incentives for companies

Firstly, The Slovenian Enterprise Fund provides incentives for start-ups. Secondly, the SPIRIT Agency offers financial incentives to help companies. Thirdly, Slovenia too offers employment subsidies to help companies recruit workers. Do you want to register your company? But you don’t know the language? Don’t worry! DATA talks with all the necessary institutions for you. We will guide you in the entire process. Meanwhile, you can focus on the development of your business.

Types of companies in Slovenia

There are different types of companies. Do you know how many? Do you want to know more? Contact us! We will be happy to help you. So, the companies normally follow rules. The rules come from the Companies Act (ZGD-1). You want to register your company, but you don’t know what rules apply for you? Just call us on 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and we will answer your questions. Regarding the company types, it basically depends if they are personal or limited liability companies (LTD). For example, personal are unlimited liability companies and limited partnerships. On the other hand, capital companies are limited liability companies, public limited companies, limited partnerships and European public limited companies. Does this information help you? Do you want to register a company? Do you know what type? Or maybe you need more information? Just send us an email on!

Other forms of activity

In Slovenia you can also open your business idea basically as a sole trader or if you perform personal supplementary work. Furthermore, for certain areas there are also options where you can work as a natural person. For example, as a rentier. Slovenia is business friendly. It is the business place for investors from all over the world. That is why it is the country of advantages. DATA has a lot of experience. Do you want to start a business in Slovenia? Then DATA is your best choice! Please, do not hesitate! Call us! Our team will help you in the whole process!

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Slovenia and the regulation of the activity

To clarify, each company selects activities by the 2008 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). In essence, there are no specific conditions for the registration of a company, but there are for certain activities. To illustrate, they are usually linked to:

  • licenses (includes the activity transport of goods by transport road),
  • a trade license and registration in the trade register (installment of electrical devices, hairdresser, construction of buildings)
  • verification from competent agencies
  • getting permission from the Slovenian Government (electricity distribution, gambling),
  • insured damage about the activity (construction of buildings),
  • employment of a person with a professional or employment qualification

DATA is your best partner!

So, do you want to open a business? Maybe you already have a growing one? Are you single owner? Or maybe you are in partnership? The article did not help you? In that case, you probably need some more information! Do you want to know how long do you need to wait? Maybe other procedures interest you? Don’t worry! Our business consultants will be happy to help you! Please follow our Facebook profile to learn about our work. Once in a while we offer free webinars. If you want to learn more about business in Slovenia in person, you can sign up for them or visit us in Ljubljana! We have a big and free parking for you and your business partners. Have we convinced you? Start your business idea with DATA!



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