New entrepreneurs and business development in Slovenia

New entrepreneurs and business development in Slovenia

New entrepreneurs in Slovenia

New entrepreneurs in Slovenia who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey must know their rights and obligations as newly established business entities. Since in Data we believe that information has power, our primary desire is to better inform new entrepreneurs and prepare them for business challenges. You also need assistance? That is why we are here. What do you need to know? We offer you a complete support at the beginning of the business, which includes:

  • legal advice in the field of labor, economic and migration law and legal services
  • tax, accounting and also financial consulting
  • advising on the working and employment conditions of foreigners in Slovenia. We also help in preparing documentation

Do you plan to set up a business in Slovenia? Do you also plan to employ non EU citizens? Are you also having trouble understanding what is best for the success of your business? You need assistance? Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 and we will provide you with complete support. We will make your dreams come true!

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Obligation to open a business account

Every legal entity in Slovenia must have an open business account. How is that possible? Can you also open a business account? The answer is simple. The answer is yes you can. A business account can also be opened abroad. In that case the tax administration of Slovenia must be notified. New entrepreneurs must open a business account. What is more? You would just need 7500€ share capital. What is next? When the company is registered, it can start performing activities and issuing invoices for services provided.

You have ideas , but you need help? Do you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. For more information please write us on or call us on +386 30 640 995  (Viber/WhatsApp).

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

New entrepreneurs and filing a tax return

As a new entrepeneur you also need to complete information regarding tax return. What is the documentation in this regard? What do you also need to know? Don’t worry. We are to help you. Also to provide you with information. Namely, the following information must be submitted to the tax administration:

  • business accounts abroad, equity investments, business units abroad that keep business books and the like
  • calculation of the envisaged tax base, the amount of the advance payment and the installment of the advance payment of corporate income tax
  • special notification if the legal entity decides to identify the tax base on the basis of expenses ( expenses are recognized in the amount of 80% of income, but not more than 40,000 EUR or 80,000 EUR).

New entrepreneurs must apply for compulsory social insurance for partners who are managers and employees, before they start working in the company. You need help? Don’t worry, we will be happy to offer you business address and accounting services as well. Contact us and start the procedure.

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Billing submission and payment of obligations

To become an entrepreneurs is a great success. But, before that you need to know some things. What are your obligations? Do you know everything? On what things you also need to pay more attention? New entrepreneurs must also pay the following obligations:

  • Corporate income tax. In the registration process they must make also a calculation and according to it they pay a monthly or advance. A regular tax return for the previous year submits by March 31st of the current year.
  • Social security contributions of the taxpayer – the partner, who is the manager, must independently pay social security contributions. Social security pays no later than the 20th of the month for the previous month.
  • Advance payment of income and social protection contributions for employed workers and also for other natural persons
  • Value added tax . If you have registered in the VAT system, you must submit a VAT return

Our team of 45 professionals will help you with different fields. They will help you with every question you might have for company registration in Slovenia.  Sounds perfect, right? What is next? What are the  further steps ? You have questions? And you have doubts? You want to learn more about new entrepreneurs?

You have plans , but you still need advice? Do you know that you have options for residency in Slovenia? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. Do not hesitate to call us. We will answer your questions and guide you. 

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