How many days of leave belong to a worker?

How many days of leave belongs to the worker?

How many days of leave do you have?

This is a very common question nowadays. Namely, this article explains how many days of leave workers actually have. An employee acquires the right to annual leave by concluding an employment relationship. He acquires the right to annual leave regardless of whether he is employed for a definite or indefinite period and regardless of whether he is full-time or part-time. This is important question if you want to start business in Slovenia as well. And of course to employ workers! Do you need more information about company registration in Slovenia? Then contact us! You can call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or you can send us an email to as well!

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How many free days (minimum) do you have, according to the distribution of working days per week?

The date of annual leave in an individual calendar year and lasts a minimum of four weeks. This is regardless of whether the employee works full-time or part-time. The minimum number of days of annual leave of an employee is different. It depends on the distribution of working days per week for an individual employee. This means that the worker will have in case:

  • a five-day week with the employer entitled to at least 20 years of leave,
  • six days a week to at least 24 days of annual leave,
  • a four-day week for up to 16 days.

So how many free days does a part-time worker have? A part-time worker can have an annual leave as a comparable full-time worker. It is also important to know that leave is determined and used on working days and not by hours.

Additional free days are already specified in ZDR-1. The latter determines the cases when the employee has the right to additional days of annual leave. This is based on the law, depending on his  circumstances.

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Criteria for assessing leave number of additional days of leave

Some workers get also aditional days of leave. For example:

  • Worker with a child under the age of 15 (for each child separately) – 1 day;
  • Employee over 55 years of age – 3 days;
  • Disabled worker – 3 days;
  • Worker with a physical disability of at least 60% – 3 days;
  • Worker under 18 years of age – 7 days.

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How many days of leave belong to night workers?

The employer must specify a longer duration of annual leave this case. That is specified in the collective agreement or employment contract.

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