Business opening in Slovenia – how quickly can I do it?

Business opening in Slovenia - how quickly can I do it?

A lot of people ask us about how quick can business opening be in Slovenia. In general, this depends on whether you want to open a sole trader or a limited company. Do you know the difference between the two? Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!  Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! Or send us also mail at You can schedule a meeting and start your process immediately!

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Business opening at DATA point

In essence, business opening can be difficult some times. However, at DATA Point we have a whole team of professionals that can guide you through the whole process. What is more, you can get individual advice for whatever dilemma you have. Do you want to schedule a meeting with our business advisors? You can ask them whatever you want! They will be more than happy to assist you! For now, let’s see what are the two company types that you can set up as natural person.

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Sole proprietorship (s.p.)

First, we’ll start with s.p. What is that? How can you open this type of company? How soon? Firstly, for the business opening procedure, you need to bring your ID and tax number. Secondly, if you are not the owner of the object where your business address will be, you will need a declaration from the owner. Thirdly, you an the clerk will go through the registration details (tax, social security etc.). All in all, this takes about 30 minutes. Then, the clerk submits these applications electronically. After that, you will receive a decision by post to enter the company in the AJPES business register. This is the day after the date you specify during the registration procedure. Eventually, this means that the answer to the question “How soon can I open an S.p.?” is three days. Call us at+386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and find out more!

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Setting up a limited company (Ltd)

How quickly can you open an Ltd company? In comparison to s.p., it takes a little longer. First of all, the business opening process starts when the partners and/or representatives decide a date to come at DATA. Similarly with s.p., you need to bring IDs and document from the owner. The clerk will prepare the documentation. These include: social contract of association, resolutions, declarations, tax return. Again, the procedure itself takes about 30 minutes. Moreover, the next step is then to visit the bank with the documentation. You need to open a temporary bank account and deposit the initial capital. After you do that, you get the receipt. The clerk then submits the application to the Court of Registration. If everything is in order, the court issues a decision to register the company in the commercial register. In best case, it can take up to 7 days.

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Opening a business with DATA!

Do you consider opening a business in 2024? What is your business idea? If you have any dilemmas, don’t hesitate to contact us at! For that purpose, we at DATA have departments of professionals that can help you with everything! Our business, tax, and legal advisors will take care of your company even after the registration procedure! Do you feel ready to migrate your business in Slovenia? Start today! Explore the business and life advantages Slovenia offers! Last but not least, if you want to know more about our work, please follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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