Business idea in Slovenia/EU and company type

Business idea in Slovenia EU and company type

Business idea in Slovenia: what form of company should you open?

Business idea in Slovenia is the first step in starting a business in Europe. A person with a business idea should decide which form of company is most suitable for him to open. He or she should also find out what conditions exist for opening it. A LTD is a company that any local or foreign person can open. It can have one or more owners. On the other hand, the condition to register as a sole trader in Slovenia is possible only for EU citizens and those who have lived in Slovenia at least 1 year.

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Business idea in Slovenia and opening a LTD

The business idea in Slovenia always starts with the decision of who will be the owner of the company. People often ask us how many owners there can be in one LTD. The amount of owners is not limited. If a business idea is the passion of one person from the beginning, it will be difficult to find a co-founder who would be equally passionate about it. In that case, it would be good to consider registering as a sole trader. If of course you meet the conditions for opening it. A sole trader (or s.p.) can only be one person. But within the s.p. you can hire additional workers. Later, you may also decide to transform into a LTD.

Where does the business idea in Slovenia start? When opening a LTD the company needs to decide on the name of the company and the address. You will also need to decide on business activity and the amount of share capital. You will also have to open a bank account for the company. For additional data related to the opening of the LTD or s.p. in Slovenia you can always contact our legal experts.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Clear obligations and rights

Founders who have a similar mindset and also have the same way they work are a great team. However, over time, a view of certain things and setbacks can happen between them. So, it is good to have a good business idea in Slovenia from the very start and to determine the rights and duties of the founders.

A good business idea in Slovenia is the core of a successful business. It is especially important to determine the actions, rights and obligations of each owner in relation to the basic contribution. It is good to also determine  how the structure of the company will change if one of them leaves the company. When that happens, of course, the number and share of shareholders changes. As far as the company’s capital is concerned, so the company’s founders have to visit a notary.

A company with multiple founders can avoid problems by appointing a CEO to make final decisions. If this role is shared, the company may not develop as a result of having to decide on every option mutually.

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