Possibilities of business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Possibilities of business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Slovenia is a country in central Europe which has been becoming increasingly interesting for foreign investors. Many foreigners have decided to start a new business here or expand their existing business to Slovenian territory. Opening a company in Slovenia not only allows you to bring to life your business idea on the European market, but also presents possibilities for business immigration to Slovenia – either for the representative of the company or for the skilled staff from abroad.

Possibilities of business immigration to Slovenia, EU – company registration

The first step when starting a business in Slovenia, is to open a company here. If you are a non-EU foreigner, you can open an LTD company. It is a very straightforward process that you can finish in one month. You need a business address in Slovenia, Slovenian tax numbers for all representatives and shareholders of the company and 7.500€ founding capital.

Then you have to travel to Slovenia to register the company. We recommend staying at least 2 weeks to finalize all company registration processes. During that time, you will sign the company’s establishment act which will be the founding document of the company. You will also open a bank account to which you will deposit the 7500€. After you have deposited the capital, it takes the court around 1 week to register the company. Afterwards you have to activate the permanent bank account and then you can be on your way to doing business in Europe as well as explore the options for business immigration.

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Possibilities of business immigration to Slovenia, EU – conditions of active business conduct

When you register a company in Slovenia, you cannot automatically start employing foreigners. To be able to do so, the company has to fulfill specific conditions of active business conduct. The company can choose between three possibilities to prove active business conduct:

  • investment of 50.000€ to fixed assets,
  • or employing an EU citizen for 6 months on a full work-day,
  • or showing company turnover 10.000€ each month for 6 consecutive months.

After one of these conditions is fulfilled, the company is allowed to start employing foreigners but they will still need to make an application for work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Possibilities of business immigration to Slovenia, EU – employing staff with higher education

If your company plans on employing highly educated staff with at least university degree, the company has an additional possibility to obtain the work and residence permit for them. They will have to pass labor market control of Slovenia and if there are no suitable candidates for their job position, they can apply for the work and residence permit without the company having to fulfill any of the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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