International road and rail travel resume in Slovenia

International road and rail travel resume in Slovenia

At the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, Slovenia closed international road and rail travel on 16th March 2020. As Slovenia successfully overcame the epidemic, the government has released national road and rail travel on 11th May. The situation in Slovenia is improving to this extent that the government also decided to release international road and rail travel, starting today – 13th June 2020. This is good news also for business in Slovenia as it is one of the last remaining measures imposed by the epidemic. International rail and road travel enable the Slovenian economy to recover and also makes it easier for the public to reach the country at the start of the tourist season.

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International road and rail travel in Slovenia

Starting from 13th June 2020, international road and rail travel can resume in Slovenia. This includes regular public transport of passengers, special organized transport as well as public rail transport of passengers in international transport. Even now, all forms of transport of passengers still have to abide by the guidelines of the National Institute of Public Health in order to prevent future infections. After announcing the epidemic of COVID-19 in Slovenia on 13th Mar 2020, the international public transport came to a halt on 16th March. The government already released national rail and road transport on 11th May and now due to the successful battle against the virus in the country, is also enabling international transport of passengers again.

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International air travel already resumed on 12th May

The government of Slovenia already released the ban on international air travel on 12th May 2020. The air travel providers are still organizing their flights to the Slovenian airports. Currently, Air Serbia and Montenegro Airlines have already started their flights to Ljubljana. On Monday, the German Lufthansa will also start with its regular flights to the capital’s airport.

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Accessing Slovenia – who is not required to be quarantined upon visit?

While the European Union is still arranging the next steps in lifting the preventative measures, the public is waiting to see when the outside borders of the EU will open to non-EU travelers for business and private purposes. Slovenia is also starting to loosen the restrictions regarding foreign visits to Slovenia. Citizens of certain EU countries that are deemed epidemiologically safe have been included on the list of visitors who can travel to Slovenia without having residence in the country and avoid the quarantine requirement. As for non-EU citizens, currently coming to Slovenia is only possible if they have temporary or permanent residence of Slovenia. Other visitors have to go into a 14-day quarantine if they come to Slovenia. Exceptions are mostly related only to drivers in international transport.

As the tourist season is approaching and also the economy needs to recover further, it is to be expected that the restrictions will get looser in the coming weeks, especially for entrepreneurs travelling for business purposes. The Slovenian government foresees waiving the quarantine requirements for non-EU citizens as well, starting with citizens of West Balkan countries. Gradually, they will also loosen the restrictions for others.  We will keep you informed on the updates that are important for business travel.

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