Tourism license for your company in Slovenia/EU

Tourism license for your company in Slovenia EU

Tourism license for your company in Slovenia

Tourism license is a permit you need to obtain if you plan to engage in the tourism business. Do you plan to start your business in Europe? Did you plan to open a tourism agency? In this case, you will have to obtain a license. What is the process to obtain it? Find out in this article.

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Who needs to obtain a tourism license?

In which cases do you need this license? To sell travel packages means that you do the sale of travel arrangements to the individuals and your business customers for resale. Companies and sole traders – travel agents, can do this business. The manner of doing this business and the process to obtain a license are regulated in a set of rules that the law prescribes.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

What do you have to fulfill to obtain it?

What steps to you need to follow? Those who apply for a tourism license must register the SKD code 79.120 (the activities of travel organizers), 79.110 (the activities of travel agencies) and 79.900 (the activities of reservations and other travel activities).

Also, you must lease or own the suitable business premises. You must also submit a letter of guarantee due to the liquidity problems of the tour operator. You must also attach a certificate of paid tax in the amount of EUR 265.50.

To apply for it, you must submit the documents to the Chamber of Tourism and Hospitality of Slovenia. There the licensing commission checks them once per month.

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In which cases is the tourism license not required?

Not all companies need this license. The provider does not need a license for:

  • the travel arrangements that last less than 24 hours and they do not include overnight stays,
  • occasional travel arrangements (the total annual amount paid does not exceed EUR 15,000), on a non-profit basis only for completed groups that you do not advertise in public,
  • the related travel arrangements purchased under a contract for the organization of the business trips.

Open a company in Slovenia and offer tourist services in the EU!

The first step is to open your own business. Non-EU citizens can open a LTD company in Slovenia. You need to deposit 7500€ share capital to register it. Then once you open the company, you can use this money for your business. Then you can also apply for the tourism license.

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