Employment of foreigners is easier now in Slovenia

Employment of foreigners in Slovenia

For enterprises that have entered the register of companies with high added value or a register of innovative start-up companies, employment of foreigners will be easier. Slovenian government adopted a proposal for the Employment, Self-Employment and Work of Aliens Act (ZZSDT), which aims to speed up and simplify the employment of foreigners.

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Less conditions for employment of foreigners

Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZ), in the process of issuing or renewing a single permit for the purpose of employment of foreigner in companies with high added value or a register of innovative start-up companies, will no longer check certain conditions referred to in the second paragraph of Article 17. of ZZSDT Act.

What conditions the Employment service will not check?

If these companies decide to employ foreigners, the Employment service will not verify the following conditions.

  1. If the employer is registered or in the register of agricultural holdings or, in the business register for performing an activity within which the foreigner will be employed.
  2.  The employer is not in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy.
  3. That the employer actively operates, which means;
    • at least one full-time employee is already employed and included in compulsory social insurance at least six months before applying for permit or
    • that an employer is, as an individual, registered for performing an activity or registered in the register of agricultural holdings, is included in compulsory social insurance, at least six months before the applying or
    • that in each of the last six months before applying, the employer had a minimum income of 10.000 eur.
  4. The employer has to, for the incomes from employment for last 6 months, before applying for single permit or in time of doing business actively, if it is shorther than 6 months, show that he has payed all of the obligations in relation to employee or show payslips, if the employer have employees, and at the same time, on the day of application of documents for single work and residence permit, company should not have any tax outsandings. You have to submit an employment contract. The employer has to sign it. The salary has to be at least in the amount of the last known average monthly gross salary in Slovenia.

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Easier employment of foreigners due to the lack of suitable staff

According to the Ministry of Labor, the basic aim is to introduce a legal basis in the legislative framework. It would enable employers easier employment of foreigners. They add that, in accordance with the economic interest of the state and due to the lack of suitable labor market experts, they want to enable companies employment of foreigners. At the same time, to ensure the same level of protection of rights and legal security for migrant workers.

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