Tax havens-the same list applies to all EU member states

Tax havens-the same list applies to all EU member states

Tax havens are under close examination

Tax havens represent tax benefits for companies and entrepreneurs on the one hand and tax risk on the other. The list of tax havens updates twice a year by the Council of the European Union and jurisdictions. For the countries of the European Union, tax havens poses a tax risk. You can contact our tax advisors for tax advice. Do you also want to expand your business to the European market ? So, you can also open a company in Slovenia. Only in one place you can get all the information. All you have to do is to call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 .

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Tax havens are compelling case because….

These are countries and islands where there is “loose” legislation and where there is plenty of money. It hides from tax authorities, regulated banking systems and other state bodies. The common denominator of each tax haven is zero or very low taxation of capital, income, or profits. In the countries on the list, they do not cooperate with the tax authorities of other countries, so there is no exchange of information to control.

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There are none within the EU member states!

There is no country on the list that is a member of the European Union, as these do not encourage the practice of tax abuse and consequently lower revenues from corporate and natural taxes. The OECD also devotes a lot of time to effective tax policy or setting rules on transparent operations and taxation. Do you need tax advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. What is more, Data has more than 45 experts from different fields.

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Changes to the list

In English tax haven is out from the “infamous” list when they meet all international tax standards to which they have previously committed. The purpose of the list is to make tax havens to take a step towards positive changes in tax legislation and practice that are closer to the rest of the world. Last amendment was adopted in early October 2021, when Anguilla, Dominica, and the Seychelles, were removed from the blacklist. They were placed on the so-called gray list. Additionally, Hong Kong, North Macedonia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Qatar, and Uruguay were on the list. Australia, Estavine and Maldives have been removed from this list. Hence, our our legal advisers can advise you on any questions you have. Also in our team we have tax experts who can provide you full support.

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Taxation of services – paid from Slovenia to tax havens

Pursuant to the Corporate Income Tax Act (ZDDPO-2), it is necessary to calculate and pay a tax deduction when transferring an invoice to a company from tax havens. This applies to consulting services, marketing, market research, staffing, administration, information services and legal services. The withdrawal rate is 15%. This means that the actual transfer, i.e. the bank transaction, is lower by the calculated tax. Under current legislation, a valid list for these purposes presents FURS. Do you need support? We also offer tax advice on the calculation of various taxes.

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