Amendment to the Aliens Act – latest changes

Amendment to the Aliens Act

A new amendment to the Aliens Act was adopted in the National Assembly. It will make obtaining work and residence permits easier. However, one requirement is staying. The family members of foreign workers have to speak Slovene. They even need a certificate. But what does the amendment change? Read on to find out.

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Changes regarding residence permits

What does the new amendment to the Aliens Act mean for residency permits? What are the main changes? Let’s see:

  • Foreigners can recieve extended or permanent residence permits by mail.
  • No new fingerprints will be needed. They can use the old fingerprints for the extention process. The fingerprints are first taken during the first issuance of the residence permit. This means that the administrative unit will not need to collect them again. What’s more, they will keep the fingerprints for five years.
  • The amendment cancels the mandatory 6-month-period inspection of sufficient funds. The foreigner will still have to provide proof of sufficient funds. But they will do it in the first application for the permit. After that, they will need the proof for every furher extention. Not every six months. The administrative unit will not have to inspect them.
  • The amendment also cancels the need for a written request. Previously, the unit needed to issue one in order to add fingerprints to the application. What are they going to do now? Now a diplomatic mission or Slovenian consulate abroad does not need to request it. They can take two fingerprints, in order to use them for issuing the first temporary residence permit. This is it.

So, the Amendment of Aliens Act brought good changes.

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Amendment to the Aliens Act making Slovene mandatory

The new amendment to the Aliens Act is causing a heated discussion. What are people talking about? What is the most controversial provision? Why is it bothering them so much? Let’s see. It is the one that says family members need to speak Slovene. Their knowledge should be at the A1 level. But why? This applies to obtaining temporary residence permits. Especially in case of family reunificaiton. This provision will not come into effect until November 1st, 2024. But what will it mean?

All family members of a foreigner, working in Slovenia, will have to take an exam. If they pass, they will recieve a certificate. What will they need it for? It is going to be mandatory for extending the residence permit. However, the A1 level is the entry level of language. Does that mean it’s easy? What is expected? At this level, individuals can understand simple words. They can form simple sentences. Just the basics.

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Changes regarding ZZSDT

In addition to the Amendment to the Aliens Act, an amendment on the Act on Employment, Self-Employment and Work of Foreigners (ZZSDT) was made. This change is going to help the employment process. It will make it faster for foreigners. The process of changing employers will be easier. So will changing positions within the company. What else? Working for two or more employers with a valid single residence and work permit will be easier as well. Administrative units will also become easier. They will no longer have to issue written approvals. 

However, the provisions from this Amendment to the Aliens Act will not apply to all foreigners. Not in case of employment in public health and social welfare institutions. Some of those are: health centers, nursing homes, and social welfare institutions. Additionally, asylum seekers will get the right to access the Slovenian labour market after 3 months. Previously they had to wait 9 months.

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