More than 1000 companies trust DATA!

More than 1000 companies trust DATA!

Since last week more than 1.000 companies trust DATA with accounting services.

We started in 1990 and for 28 years we take care for comprehensive company treatment. We are there for you when you start with your own company and during your business with may different services. More than 40 employees experts from various fields are trying to satisfie our clients wishes.

We are really proud that so many clients trust us and that they see in DATA reliable parter in business for long time cooperation.

Why trust DATA and how can we help you?

We can help you during the whole process of a company registration in Slovenia from the beginning: procedure of obtaining Slovenian tax numbersbusiness address, registration of the company, accounting services with support of legal advisors, instructions and support in the procedure of obtaining unique permit for work and residence, procedures for family reunification, application in insurance, employing workers, business consulting etc. Everything you need for doing business in Slovenia.

When entering to the European market by opening a business and exploring business opportunities in Slovenia our consultants will provide you with sufficient informations and we will make you sure that there won’t be any difficulties during procedure of the company registration in Slovenia. Slovenia and our company welcomes you!

For all additional informations and explanations regarding company registration, business in Slovenia, accounting services and tax or accounting consulting we are available by phone +386 1 6001 530, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or e-mail:

We are also invite you to visit us in our office at Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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