Important elements of company registration in Slovenia, EU

Important elements of company registration in Slovenia, EU

Opening a company in a new country is always an important step when starting or expanding your business. Every country has a different procedure and it is vital to know the crucial elements in order not to make any mistakes when starting your business in Europe. We will explain the elements of company registration in Slovenia in this article.

Gathering the necessary documents for company registration

When doing business in Slovenia, non-EU citizens can decide to open a LTD company. It can have several shareholders and representatives. The minimal founding capital is 7.500€. After company registration, you can use this money for business expenses, like paying salary to employees.

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In addition to the capital, you will need to obtain a Slovenian tax number. All representatives and shareholders require it and it is one of the basic elements of company registration.

Your company would also need a business address in Slovenia. It can be an actual office or you can also use a virtual office for the company’s address.

If you plan on expanding your existing business, you can also opt to open a subsidiary or a branch office in Slovenia.

Important elements of company registration – deciding on a company name and business activities

When you have all the necessary documents you will have to travel to Slovenia for company registration. Here, you will also have to decide on the company name and the business activities of your company. Both of those elements will be part of your company’s act of establishment.

A company name can be a fictional name or also include your personal name within. You can choose any name that is not already taken or is a registered trademark. Additionally, you can also include English letters within. The short name of the company will contain only the chosen name and the Slovenian abbrviation for LTD – d.o.o. But the long name of the company will also include the company’s main business activity.

An important element to consider is also choosing business activities. You will also have to decide on what business activities you plan on doing within your Slovenian company. You choose several different business activities. It is also not difficult to add or remove business activities later. Just keep in mind that some of them, like tourism or transportation business, are regulated and require obtaining licenses. Others, like construction, are subjected to occupational licensing and would require additional permits.

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If your company requires a business address, we can offer virtual office services.

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