Company address in Slovenia – where can I register it?

Company address in Slovenia – where can I register it?

Before registering a company, you already must have a company address in Slovenia. One of the main documents at the registration process is a notarized confirmation of your company address in Slovenia.

Can the residential address be the company address in Slovenia at the same time?

One of the most common questions is, can the residential address be the address of your company? If you want to register the company address in Slovenia at the address of your residence and you are not the owner or the sole owner of the property or apartment, you will need the statement of the owner (»Izjava lastnika«). The statement confirms the consent of the owner, that your company can be located at this address. You have to certify the statement at the notary (price: 17 euros). You can also do it at the Administrative Unit – »Upravna Enota« (price: 1.35 euros).

Special conditions for the location of the address of the company apply for certain types of activities (for example, hotel activities, hairdressing and massage salons, etc.).

Your company address can be in an apartment building if the entrepreneur carries out the activities that do not interfere with others. Most of the founders register their company at home at the start of their business. Your company address in Slovenia can be the address of your permanent or temporary residence, or the address of your parents, friends or partners.

When you need a statement from the owner for your company address in Slovenia?

  • For example, if a son or daughter decides to register an individual enterprise at a home address, the parent, the landowner must sign a statement and allow the business address to be there.
  • If the entrepreneur registers a company at the house which has more than 1 owner, all of the owners have to sign the statement, if none of them owns more than one-third of the property.
  • If an entrepreneur leases a part of the premises in a shopping center, he must sign a lease contract. A proprietor of a shopping center must sign a statement that allows the company to operate on its territory.
  • If the entrepreneur is the owner of the housing, where his company is located, the statement is not necessary.

You don’t have a company address in Slovenia – what now?

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