Company establishment by legal entity in Slovenia/EU

Company establishment by legal entity in Slovenia/EU

Business types – Company establishment by legal entity

Have you’ve been thinking about growing your business and company establishment by legal entity in Slovenia? You can register a Private Limited Company (in slovenian: d.o.o.). In other words, as a legal entity you can open a subsidairy of your mother company.

Benefits of growing a subsidiary company

Benefits of growing a subsidiary company are many. They are adding value to your main company. One of the best ways to expand your business is also by adding a subsidiary. What does it mean? It means that the owner is a legal person, it is a legal entity. The form of the company is Ltd. Also the taxation is 19 % of profit. Why establish a subsidiary? Read this article to find out more!

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Subsidiary company in Slovenia – what are its benefits?

Subsidiary company is a great chance for many international firms to enter the EU market. And to expand the business of foreign firms. The benefit of opening a subsidiary company in Slovenia is also the possibility of applying for EU tenders. Also for the simple flow of goods within the EU. As well as the chance of multiple types of work permits. What is more, a subsidiary provides liability protection and tax benefits. Benefits of growing a subsidiary company are that it helps you in your future business plans. You have ideas , but you need help? Do also you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. Are you also thinking in expanding your business? Do you plan to open a subsidiary? And you need assistance? Then you are on the right place. 

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Foreigners you can also set up a company easily with us at Data!

In our company we also offer services for foreigners! We help them set up companies in Slovenia. We also advise on the procedures for residence and employment in Slovenia. In addition we assist in the process of obtaining documentation for obtaining permits.

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Business address of the company and virtual office in Slovenia

DATA in Ljubljana, at a business location on Dunajska cesta 136, offers you a business address and a virtual office service for your subsidiary?. The business address service includes the use of the address of DATA for your company. The virtual office service includes daily notification of due mail, forwarding mail to your email address. Also receiving and forwarding phone and fax calls, as well as other office services. If you are still choosing a place for your subsidiary, choose Slovenia as it will be a great fit.

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Why to choose Data ? 

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