Founding capital to open a company in only 14 days!

Founding capital to open a company in Slovenia

Founding capital to open a company with limited liability, must be paid by the partner/s who are establishing the company. This capital needs to be paid within 14 days. What else do you need to know about founding capital? Do you have questions about the whole process of company registration? Or you are not sure if you can open a company in Slovenia? Don’t be afraid to ask! In fact, for any additional questions contact us at +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! We will be happy to help you!

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Minimum capital for Ltd registration – DATA point

If you want to register an Ltd at a DATA point, the minimum capital must be in euro (€). To emphasize, the minimum capital is 7,500.00 €. What is more, you will need to transfer or deposit the minimum amount to a temporary bank (of his/her choice) after the registration. As a result, you will receive a bank receipt for the capital payment, which he/she shall return to the DATA referent. Also, the application electronically proceeds to the Court of Registration. Specifically, within a week, you receive by post the decision to enter the company in the register of companies.

Part of the process is the preparation of tax data for FURS (financial institution in Slovenia). After registration at the DATA point, the partner receives documentation (company act, decision on appointment of representative, decision on determination of business address).

Does that sounds complicated? Believe us, it isn’t! And you will be in great hands! In other words, we will make everything simple for you! So, no need to worry! Also, do you have any other questions about company registration in Slovenia? Then contact us! You can call at + 386 40 530 718! Therefore you will get all information you need, in particular about company registration in DATA! Also you can also write us at mail You don’t need to be scared. We can guide you! It is what we do for more than 30 years! And we will be happy to help! Call us now!

What happens if the company’s founding capital is not paid on time?

If the partner does not bring the bank’s confirmation that he has paid the founding capital within the legal deadline, the application will be deleted. In this case, all documentation must be prepared again. In order to avoid this, DATA advisors suggest that entrepreneurs get the bank confirmation before they intend to register the company. This way there will be no need to start with the proccess all over again. Also this is where we help. Summing up, if you are not sure you will be able to get the bank confirmation before the company registration, let us help you with that!

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The company is registered, but what about the share capital?

If everything is in order with the documentation, you will get a a decision on registration in the commercial register from the court. Also, the company can then register and you can apply for the tax number of the company. With that in mind, you can switch company’s temporary account to a business account. As of this moment, the company has 7,500.00 euros at its disposal. The company can use the founding capital for the current operations of the company.

Do you have more questions about founding capital to open a company? We didn’t answer on all your doubts? All in all, you are still not sure how the process goes? Don’t worry! Call us at +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and get your answers!

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