Decisions of administrative authorities in Slovenia

Decisions of administrative authorities in Slovenia

Decisions of administrative authorities are often a part of the daily routine of an entrepreneur. Because of the amount of inspection departments, it can happen quickly, that you can become a part of one of their proceedings. The administrative proceedings also decide on the rights and responsibilities of companies and entrepreneurs. These types of decision often find their way to the desks of entrepreneurs. And very often, they do not know that they have the possibility to (successfully) contest such decisions.

Our legal department has successfully contested several such unlawful decisions of administrative authorities and help clients to continue to do business in Slovenia.

Decisions of administrative authorities in Slovenia are not always correct and lawful

Even if the decision of an administrative authority seems very professional and correct, check with your legal advisor if this is in fact the case. Decisions of administrative authorities have to include the necessary contents in accordance with the valid legislation (Administrative Procedure Act and Sectoral Laws). Also, the decisions have to be appropriately explained.

You can contest the decision of administrative authorities because of a significant procedural breach. In addition, you can contest it if they findings to not match the actual state or are incomplete. Appeals are also possible if the usage of material law was incorrect. But it is difficult for you to assess if the authority has done one of these breaches if you do not have the appropriate skills in these legal proceedings. This is especially true if you are a new entrepreneur and have opened a company in Slovenia not too long ago.

The legal department of Data has successfully helped entrepreneurs in 2018! We were successful in inspection proceedings, in a proceeding before a local community and other administrative proceedings.

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Successful cases of appeals against decisions of administrative authorities in Slovenia

We present to you several cases, where clients have been successful in appealing against administrative authorities in 2018.

  1. Our client received a denied claim to get a return of the fee for municipal waste disposal because they never started with construction under the enforceable construction permit. The municipality denied the claim for the return of more than 15.000,00 EUR fee for municipal waste disposal. The reason was the claim for the return was time-barred. The decision was equipped with the explanations and quotations from the Code of Obligations. On first sight, the decision looked correct. But our legal department has studied the case and found out that the municipality came to a wrong decision. They have taken the wrong starting point, from which the time-barring for the return of the waste-disposal fee started. The appeal of our legal department was successful and the fee for municipality waste disposal was returned in full.
  2. Another of our clients was in the process of withdrawal of the license of international transportation. The client turned to our legal department for help. Based on authorization of the client, the legal department became part of the proceeding and proved that the client fulfilled all conditions to carry out transportations and could keep the license.
  3. We have also successfully represented clients in the proceedings with the Slovenian tax office, Trade Inspection and Labor Inspectorate.

Full support of company Data from company registration to successful business conduct!

The company Data can assist you from start to finish – both with company registration in Slovenia and additional legal support when proceeding to do business in Europe. The auhtorities can make mistakes and our legal departmen can help you to dispute their decisions.

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