Restaurant in Slovenia/EU: idea for business

Restaurant in Slovenia EU idea for business

Restaurant in Slovenia – a good choice for business in 2021!

If you want to start a business in Europe, Slovenia is one of the options for company registration. Opening a restaurant in Slovenia is one of the ideas many business people have now that the summer season has begun and there are less restrictions. Foreign cuisine is also very popular in Slovenia. So, the choice to open a restaurant and offer food from your homeland is a very good idea for business in Slovenia. But what do you have to do to run a restaurant?

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The setup of an LTD company

What is the first step? In order to have a restaurant, you need to open a company first. Foreign citizens most often open the LTD type of company in Slovenia. To open it, you need a minimum initial capital of 7,500€. You deposit it in a bank account of your company. When you have set up the company, you can use this money for your business.

What else do you need to start a restaurant in Slovenia? Also, you need a Slovenian tax number for all owners and directors of the company. We can assist you in the process. A company in Slovenia also needs a business address. The owner of the address must give you consent to register the company there. He or she must certify the consent with a notary or in an administrative unit. He or she can also come with you to the process of the registration. Our legal experts can guide you every step of the way.

Who can get pension in Slovenia/EU

Restaurant in Slovenia – the conditions for the activity

What are the conditions that you need to meet to have a restaurant in Slovenia after you have set up the business?

They are part of the Hospitality Act. If you want to know the news about it, we post all updates on our Facebook and Instagram.

These conditions must be met in order to have a restaurant in Slovenia:

  • Minimum technical standards
  • Conditions related to the minimum services in the type of catering facility
  • Conditions related to the criteria of the catering facilities for guests
  • and conditions related to the food safety and the protection and health at work.

Who checks if you are following the rules? The inspector can also check if your restaurant in Slovenia meets these conditions. They will check if are doing it in accordance to the Hospitality Act.

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