Data services for company registration in Slovenia, EU

Data services for company registration in Slovenia, EU

Data services: we give you full support during the registration of the company, as well as during your doing business in Slovenia. At Data we are one with entrepreneurs from all over the world. DATA has collected under one roof and in one place all the services needed by companies and their owners for successful conducting of their business. We have followed the One-Stop-Shop philosophy and created a comprehensive support and service as well as supportive environment for entrepreneurs. Consultants stand firm with your company from the very beginning. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs, companies, businesses, and so every day we strive to find positive solutions.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Full support and all services in one place is essential for entrepreneurs who decide to expand their business into an environment where they are not familiar with the laws, language, business practices and customs. We have been growing with you and for you for over 28 years and strive to be your support. When you need one home for all your business migration solutions and services, come to Data.

Data d.o.o. has over 28 years of experience in helping foreigners with their business in Europe. Our team of 40 experts consist include legal advisors that explain how much time completing the procedures might take. Additionally, we also offer accounting services, tax consultation and services of virtual office.

DATA service – opening a company in Slovenia

If you need complete support in opening a company in Slovenia and entering the EU market, Data is the right address for you. Our goal is complete support during company registration for entrepreneurs. You can choose to register a limited liability company in Slovenia, a branch of the parent company (subsidiary) or a branch office. The EU citizens can also become sole entrepreneurs.

Bookkeeping and tax advisory services

Data’s experienced team of accountants and bookkeepers handle your business books. Our consultants support foreign entrepreneurs in their goals and help them achieve them. We always have sufficient knowledge and are always available to help. We provide you with individual treatment and address your concerns. Our professional bookkeeping services are insured and we take full responsibility for our work and advice. In addition to our regular bookkeeping services, we offer you the preparation of financial projections. Also, financial plans and other reports required for business planning. If need be, the acquisition of financial and business partners.

We frequently offer foreign entrepreneurs financial advice on investing capital in a company. Experts also advise on investments and depreciation, operating costs in Slovenia, payroll calculations in Slovenia, travel expenses and other work-related expenses. We also advise on tax, cooperation with parent company and other companies abroad.

DATA Services d.o.o. – legal advice

At Data, long-time experts – legal advisers in the areas of commercial, labor and migration law – provide you with advice, quick and helpful answers to questions and legal services. For you, they prepare employment contracts, mutual cooperation contracts, other types of contracts and provide other legal services.

It is very important that entrepreneurs turn to lawyers, as a lawyer can offer you adequate legal advice. The law of each country has its own specific characteristics that are only known and mastered by local lawyers. They also can offer expert legal advice. An investment in a lawyer is certainly one of the most important investments decided by an individual who wants to start a business in Slovenia.

DATA Services d.o.o. – advising and preparing documentation in the employment process

We guide you through the process of employment. Experts prepare all the necessary documentation in the process of obtaining permits to reside and work in Slovenia. We advise you on the conditions of employment and conditions for the provision of services and works in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union.

Our experts will advise you on all possibilities for work and residence in the Republic of Slovenia and guide you through the process in a fast and easy way. We will prepare for you all the necessary documentation for your work and residence in Slovenia and run the procedure on the basis of your authorization.

For more information on business immigration to Slovenia, EU, send us an e-mail to You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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