Minimal salary in Slovenia and other EU countries

Minimal salary in Slovenia and other EU countries

Recently, we have written about the changes in the minimal wage in Slovenia. But we have received several inquiries as to how this salary compares to other EU countries. Therefore, to help you make the decision about starting your business in Slovenia easier, we have gathered the information in the summary table below.

Minimal salary in Slovenia

When opening a company in Slovenia, you will most likely also employ workers in your company. So, it would be good to get acquainted with the amount of the minimal salary that your employees will be entitled to. For instance, the employment contract states the gross amount of the salary and it is determined by the Law on minimal salary. Also in 2019, the gross amount of the minimal salary will amount to 886,63 EUR per month. But by 1st January 2020 it will increase further – to 940,58 EUR gross per month.

Therefore, to see the what the gross amount would turn to after payment of all contributions, you can use our online salary calculator.

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Minimal salary in other EU countries

To compare the Slovene minimal salary to EU standards, we have also gathered information on the salary in other EU countries. This will also give you perspective when doing business in Europe.

Additionally, the countries in the summary table are sorted in order, from the one with highest minimal salary to the ones with the lowest. For instance, the information in the table dates back to February 2019.

Country Minimal gross salary Country Minimal gross salary
Luxemburg 2.071,10 Portugal 700,00
Ireland 1.656,20 Lithuania 555,00
Holland 1.615,80 Estonia 540,00
Belgium 1.593,76 Poland 523,09
Germany 1.557,09 Slovakia 520,00
France 1.521,22 Czech Republic 518,97
UK 1.453,28 Croatia 464,20
Spain 1.050,00 Romania 446,02
Malta 761,97 Latvia 430,00
Greece 758,33 Bulgaria 286,33


Of course, height of the minimal salary is not always the true indicator of the standard of life in a certain country. Additional factors apart from the minimal salary are also prices of real estate, prices of life necessities, rate of taxation, rate of unemployment and other factors.

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