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Tax relief for investments in SloveniaEU

Tax relief for investments in Slovenia/EU

Investments can be a form of tax relief for companies in Slovenia. The Slovenian Tax Office (FURS) has also issued a brochure on investment incentives, in which it precisely defines the assets that are the subject of the relief. As March is the month of tax declarations, we advise you to read below how you can reduce your corporate [...]

Tax declaration 2020 in SloveniaEU companies with normalized expenses

Tax declaration 2020 in Slovenia/EU: companies with normalized expenses

When is the tax declaration for 2020 due for the companies with normalized expenses in Slovenia? You would need to submit your tax declaration until 31st March 2021. How to submit a tax declaration for 2020 if your company uses normalized expenses? What are the novelties in this area? What is the amount of the penalty if you do [...]