Street trading in Slovenia and the conditions for mobile outlets

Street trading in Slovenia and mobile outlets

Street trading in Slovenia and mobile outlets

Today we will talk about street trading in Slovenia and the conditions for mobile outlets. Firstly, before the registration of the company you need to meet certain conditions to obtain the appropriate licenses or permits. We suggest you to inquire about the conditions for mobile outlets, so you can do business in Slovenia professionally and in accordance with the law. We will help you register the company at VEM point (One-Stop shop) and answer the questions about the conditions of any activity on the territory of Slovenia.

For street trading in Slovenia – the sale of goods on the movable stands and vending machines, or shop on wheels, the seller must receive the consent of the owner or the authorized consent of the manager of the space or room where you want to sell your products. In the written consent the place, time and period of the sale of goods must be determined.

Local governance determines where you can sell your products. You have to obtain the consent from the local governance. It is required also if the sale is carried out in the area which is in a private person ownership.

What is street trading in Slovenia?

Street trading in Slovenia is the sale of products at various events (exhibitions, fairs, etc.). In this case, the organizer of the event or event organization alone receives written consents for all the merchants who sell their product on the event.

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