Entering the VAT system in Slovenia: when is it profitable?

Entering the VAT system in Slovenia when is it profitable?

When doing business in Europe, most companies want to obtain the VAT number. Sometimes it is also mandatory that companies enter the VAT system. But when is entering the VAT system suitable for other companies that want to enter voluntarily?

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When is it mandatory to enter the VAT system?

If your company has surpassed or is likely to surpass 50.000€ taxable turnover in the last 12 months, it is required to enter the VAT system. This means that the company sold at least 50.000€ of goods or services. You can submit the application at the online portal eDavki no later than within the month when you expect to surpass this threshold.

Also, foreign companies who do services in Slovenia for which VAT is calculated, have to enter the VAT system.

Additionally, if you buy goods from other EU countries, you would need to obtain the VAT number.

Voluntarily entering the VAT system

It is also possible for a company to voluntarily enter the VAT system, even in cases when the turnover will not surpass 50.000€. Obtaining the VAT number voluntarily means that the company cannot exist the system for the following 60 months.

When is it profitable to enter the VAT system?

It is profitable to enter the VAT system when:

  • you do a lot of business with other VAT payers,
  • and when doing larger investments (when expenses begin to surpass the income).

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