Immigrate to Europe with a business in Slovenia

Immigrate to Europe with a business in Slovenia

Slovenia is a central European country which is becoming more and more interesting to foreign investors. Many of them decide to immigrate to Europe, specifically to Slovenia, to oversee their business firsthand.

Immigrate to Europe with a business in Slovenia – company registration

Slovenia is growing in popularity due to its geographic position in central Europe and good economic standing. It offers a variety of possibilities to foreign investors to do business in Slovenia. Their first step to start with business in Europe would be to register a company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can register a LTD company. It requires 7.500€ founding capital, a business address in Slovenia and Slovenian tax numbers for all shareholders and representatives.

It takes about 1 month to have the company officially registered and it would require the shareholders and representatives to visit Slovenia for at least 2 weeks to finalize everything. After the company registration, you can proceed to fulfilling the conditions in order to immigrate to Europe, to Slovenia.

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Immigrate to Europe with a business in Slovenia – investment of 50.000€

When the company is registered, you cannot automatically immigrate to Europe. Firstly, the company has to fulfill specific conditions in order to be eligible to employ foreigners.

An entrepreneur can choose between three options. The first possibility is to invest 50.000€ to fixed assets of the company. This means, that within the first 6 months from company registration, you would have to buy something you need for business conduct in the worth of at least 50.000€. You can opt on purchasing real estate, or a company car, or equipment, for example. Once you do so, you can proceed to submitting your application for the work and residence permit.

Immigrate to Europe with a business in Slovenia – employ an EU citizen for 6 months

The other possibility to immigrate to Europe based on business is to employ an EU citizen within your company. He/she can be employed to any job position but it is important that he/she is employed for full-time. Once he/she has been employed in your company for 6 months and received all salaries, your company is eligible to start employing foreigners.

Immigrate to Europe with a business in Slovenia – company turnover 10.000€/month for 6 months

The third possibility you have to immigrate to Europe through your company in Slovenia is that your company generates sufficient turnover. Your company would have to issue invoices to clients and receive payment for the offered services or products in the amount of 10.000€/month. This turnover has to continue for 6 consecutive months. Afterwards you will also have the possibility to apply for work and residence permit for Slovenia as an employee of your company.

Company Data offers support with business immigration to Slovenia!

If you have decided to start your company in Slovenia and would need assistance, company Data will be happy to offer it.

We can help you both with obtaining the Slovenian tax numbers and organizing company registration on our premises, as we are a licensed VEM point.

Our legal department is qualified to explain to you in detail the legislation for business immigration to Slovenia. They can also draft contracts and internal regulations for your company.

We offer professional accountancy services and tax consultation.

If your company does not have a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

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