Business development in a prosperous country – Slovenia

Business development in a prosperous country - Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the European countries with good economic indicators and economic growth. This is also one of the main reasons entrepreneurs decide for this country to start their business in Europe. Company registration in Slovenia gives you the opportunity for business development in a prosperous country with high rate of involvement in international trade.

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The indicators of international trade of goods and services show that Slovenia improved its standing within the EU member states in 2018

In 2018, Slovenia has increased the value of import and export of goods and services by 9,3% in comparison to 2017. This development ranked Slovenia in 5th place in the EU according to these indicators. The rate of integration of Slovenia in international trade was one of the highest within EU member states. This indicator placed Slovenia on a very high 3rd place within EU member states, behind only Slovakia and Hungary. Also, there was a high rate of foreign direct investment. It amounted to 15,2 billion EUR by the end of 2018. In comparison to 2017, it was higher by 8,6%. The GDP increase was also one of the reasons foreigners tend to decide for business development in this country.

Business development in Slovenia through company registration

Choosing a prosperous country for your business development is important as it gives you the opportunity to increase your company’s value due to the strong market where you sell your goods and services. And having a company in Slovenia also gives to the possibility to enter the European market and offer your services to other companies within the EU and other countries of the world. You can start your business development by registering a new company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. You would also require a business address for your company and a Slovenian tax number.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur with an existing company abroad, you can continue your business development by registering a branch office or a subsidiary in Slovenia. This gives you the opportunity to present your existing goods or services on a prosperous and vibrant market.

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