Develop your business in Slovenia – a checklist

Develop your business in Slovenia – a checklist

When starting to do business in a new country, it is good to come prepared. So, that before you start to develop your business, you know exactly what you have to prepare in advance and what you can expect. This is why we have prepared a short checklist that will enable you to have all the important answers before even starting your business in Slovenia.

Develop your business in Slovenia – which company type suits you best?

If you have experience from doing business abroad, you can take advantage of those skills and also your existing company to expand your business to Slovenia. When you have an active company somewhere else, you can do business in Europe by establishing a subsidiary or a branch office in Slovenia. This will enable you to introduce your existing services or products to a new market and to develop it even further here.

But do not be discouraged if you are new to entrepreneurship. You can establish a brand-new LTD company here as a natural person. In Slovenia there is no requirement that only residents of Slovenia can establish an LTD company – you can open it without having lived here before. Hence, Slovenia is really open to attracting new and seasoned entrepreneurs to participate in its stable and vibrant market.

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Documents that you have to you have to prepare in advance

In order not to be surprised when registering a company, we have also gathered the information on the documents you need to have ready when registering a specific company type so that you can develop your business in Slovenia more efficiently.

When registering a new LTD you need to have:

If you plan to develop your business by opening a subsidiary, you need to present:

  • Slovenian tax numbers for the parent company and representatives,
  • business address in Slovenia,
  • 7500€ founding capital, which the parent company provides,
  • valid passport for all representatives,
  • extract from the business registry for the parent company that is not older than 3 months.

When registering a branch office in Slovenia, you need to present:

  • act of establishment of the parent company,
  • financial report of the parent company for the previous business year,
  • extract from the business registry for the parent company that is not older than 3 months,
  • Slovenian tax numbers for the parent company and representatives,
  • decree of branch establishment,
  • decree of naming representatives of the branch,
  • a business address in Slovenia,
  • valid passport for all representatives.

When you have registered a certain company type, you can proceed to develop your business.

What comes after company registration?

As soon as your company is registered, you have to make arrangements about what type of business you develop. Already when registering the company, you would decide on the business activities. Should you later want to add or remove them, you can do so at our VEM point. Certain business activities are regulated and require a license before you can carry them out. Those business activities are for example tourism agency, pharmacy, certain types of construction, international transportation.

Also, if you plan to expand your services across Slovenian borders to other EU countries, you can do so but firstly it is best to enter the VAT system. Having a VAT number would enable you to have clients, buyers and suppliers across the European union.

When you develop your business in a new country it is also vital to decide which employees you plan to employ in your company. If they are EU citizens, you can employ them immediately after the company is registered. But if they are non-EU citizens, you have to obtain a work and residence permit for them beforehand. For that, your Slovenian company has to fulfill certain conditions for business immigration.

Develop your business in Slovenia with support of company Data!

Having a trusted partner that makes your business conduct easier is a priority when opening a company in a new country. Data d.o.o. has been offering support services for entrepreneurs from more than 28 years.

We can help you to open a new company or establish a branch office. In the process we can obtain the necessary documents.

Data has also governmental commission and is licensed to perform company registration at our VEM point.

We have our own legal department that makes sure you develop your business in accordance to Slovene legislation.

Our group of skilled accountants take care of your company’s bookkeeping and offer tax consultation.

Should your company need a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

For more questions about company registration in Slovenia, you can write to us on our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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