Expand your business to Europe and obtain CE Marking for your products

Expand your business to Europe and obtain CE Marking for your products

Even though your products are not made in European Union, you can obtain CE Marking. Officially, “CE” is an abbreviation of Conformité Européenne, meaning European Conformity.

Numerous products need to obtain this marking before selling them in the countries within the European Economic Area.

CE Marking for your products

CE Marking proves that the product has been еvaluated and, that it satisfies all the requirements established in EU regarding the safety and protection of health and environment. CE marking can be used for products made in European Union and for products made in other countries but sold within the European Economic Area.

To obtain the CE marking, the producer needs to make sure that he satisfies all legal requirements of the EU. For some products, it is obligatory to determine whether the product meets the technical requirements. This procedure can be done by an appropriate authority or also by a producer with providing required proofs and documentation. It is also necessary to draw up and sign a declaration of conformity, stating that the product complies with all regulatory requirements and at the end, you can put a CE Marking on your products.

It is obligatory that CE marking is visible, legible and indelible.

Importers are obligated to ensure safety and technical requirements of the products, meanwhile distributors are obligated to make sure that the products satisfy valid regulations and do not represent a risk for European citizens.

Expand your business in European Market

If you are thinking about expanding your business to European Market, you of course have a possibility to import products made in your country via Slovenian company to the European market and obtain for the products a CE marking, proving that your products satisfy requirements for selling them within European Economic Area.

When making a decision about what type of the company to establish, you have various possibilities. You can establish a new company as a natural person, a branch office or a subsidiary company.

Our specialists will be pleased to offer you comprehensive consultancy about the procedures in connection with CE marking also we will be pleased to offer you full support in the procedure of company formation in Slovenia and a comprehensive consultancy and support with running a business.

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